Celebration of India, Heritage and Culture

I.S. Saluja The countdown to celebrate the 67th Anniversary of India’s Independence Day at the 3rd IDPUSA India Day Parade in Hicksville, Long Island on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 has begun. The celebrated Bollywood siren Poonam Dhillon will be the Grand Marshall while the Guest of Honor will be Nassau County Chief Executive Mr. Edward Mangano.

The Parade will start from Patel Brothers store in Hicksville at noon sharp. Moving on Broadway, it will reach the parking area opposite Asa Mai HinduTemple where a shopping arcade, where visitors can buy various wares and enjoy the taste of delectable food, has been planned. Also, part of the celebrations is an entertaining and colorful cultural show. Several tastefully decorated floats and musical bands will be attractions of the colorful Parade.

The leading lady of Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchan and a popular Bollywood actor Poonam Dhillon will be the Grand Marshall at the IDPUSA in Hicksville on August 9th

The Chief Executive of Nassau County, Edward P. Mngano will be the Guest of Honor

Bobby Kalotee, Founder, IPDUSA

The parade to celebrate the 67th anniversary of India’s Independence is a celebration by Indian Americans of India, her heritage and rich culture.Without the enthusiastic participation of people there can be no parade, whatever the arrangements”, said Bobby Kalotee, founder of India Day Parade USA in Hicksville, in an interview with The Indian Panorama Chief Editor, Prof. Indrajit S Saluja.

Bobby exhorted Indian Americans to join the parade on August 9. He said, “I humbly request all my brothers and sisters to join us at the Parade to celebrate India’s freedom and India’s rich culture.” Seated with the organizing Committee members in his All American Independence Party office in Hicksville, he spoke at length of the enormous contribution of organizing committee members, sponsors, volunteers and media in putting together, once again, a memorable and enjoyable experience of celebrating India, India’s heritage and rich culture. Bobby had a word of praise for the Parade organizing committee.

He said, “The committee led by Peter Bheddah and Indu Jaiswal has worked hard and independently, without any outside interference, to put together the Parade. The committee has made an excellent selection of the Grand Marshall in Poonam Dhillon, a celebrated film actor from India”. He thanked committee chairs for the great work they have done. Bobby said the Parade also worked as a bridge between the Indian Americans and the mainstream and thanked the Nassau County and various town administrations for their y cooperation to the organizing committee to ensure the Parade is a grand success.

Bobby Kalotee hardly needs an introduction. He is a man of vision and action. Three years ago, with likeminded friends, which included Indu Jaiswal, President of IAF, he thought of the brilliant idea of celebrating India’s Independence in Hicksville which has come to have a large population of persons of Indian origin. Once he hit upon the idea he brought together various sections in the Indian American community to celebrate the glorious day in Independent India’s history. That was 2012. Since then we have had 2 parades. The one on August 9, 2014 is the 3rd one, and each has been growing in size, strength and quality.

Peter Bheddah, Chair, IDPUSA

It is a great privilege and honor to be at the helm of affairs of the 3rd India Day Parade to celebrate the 67th Independence Day of India in Hicksville, Long Island on August 9, 2014″, said Peter Bheddah, Chairman of the 3rd India Day Parade in Hicksville, New York, in an interview with the Chief Editor of The Indian Panorama, July 29, 2014. Peter spoke at length of the “stupendous task” involved in organizing the scheduled Parade on August 9. Turning to his colleagues, with gratitude oozing on his face, he said, “It could not have been possible to make such tremendous progress in arrangements of the Parade without the support and cooperation of my committee members.

I thank each one of them, and in particular, founder member Bobby Kalotee and IDPUSA Coordinator Indu Jaiswal, for their unstinted and ungrudging support and cooperation in organizing the Parade that is so expressive of the Indianness of the Indian Americans”. The organizing committee members greeted his statement with a loud applause. On the occasion, Peter Bheddah heaped praise on the sponsors who have been extremely generous in their support for the parade. He said but for their solid backing, the event could not have been possible. He thanked them and hoped for their continued support for the event.

Peter Bheddah is an old horse, tried and tested in many a battle. He has commendable credentials as a community leader and a philanthropist. He has donated huge sums in charity and has held responsible positions in various organizations. He has been President of Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation and India Association of Long Island. Honored and awarded for his yeoman’s services, Peter is recipient of the coveted and prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor, besides a large number of recognitions from administration and community.

Indu Jaiswal, President, IAF, Co-Ordinator, IDPUSA

Indu Jaiswal, one of the best known community leaders on Long Island, President of Indian American Forum, and IDPUSA coordinator, appreciated coming together of Indian Americans of various hues under one umbrella of IDPUSA to celebrate the 67th anniversary of India’s independence. “Together we will make a difference. Together we will walk”, she said. She welcomed the participation in the parade of various businesses, corporate houses, hospitals, banks, restaurants and international airlines. “We have grown bigger and better, with each celebration”, said Indu.

Rajan Nabe

Rajan Nabe, Chair Finance / Budget, an honoree and a grand sponsor said he has been associated with IDPUSA since its inception. He said he was happy to see it grow in the last three years.