US daily calls Sushma Swaraj ‘supermom’, praises her social media presence

NEW DELHI (TIP): We all have appreciated our external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj’s timely interventions and speedy responses on social media. She’s one of the most active foreign ministers in the world on Twitter with 5.63 million followers. She replies to tweets of Indians abroad, facilitates passport and visa problems and sometimes also offers a word of advice to people with faulty refrigerators. Her interaction on social media with common citizens is indeed a refreshing change.

And now, a US daily, The Washington Post, has showered praises on our minister for her proactive role on Twitter, calling her ‘Supermom of the State’. In an article titled ‘India’s foreign minister is cast as Supermom of State’, the newspaper enlists her Twitter achievements. The article recounts her efforts to help Indians abroad, like arranging food for Indian workers in Saudi Arabia, as well as helping a husband and wife reunite on their honeymoon.

“Since she took on the job two years ago, Sushma Swaraj, 64, has carved out an unlikely role for herself as a crusading Supermom of State, solving the problems of distressed Indians around the world who send her their concerns via Twitter,” the Washington Post said.

Last month, when a man tweeted an image of unemployed workers in Saudi Arabia who were rendered homeless and were starving, Swaraj responded in no time and within hours the Indian consulate in Doha tweeted pictures of those workers being given food items. Thanks to Swaraj’s prompt perusal. (PTI)