AARZU: Indian flavor at its best, in Freehold, New Jersey

FREEHOLD, NJ (TIP): Renowned Restaurateur Kamal Arora , Archana Sharma and Arora Hospitality Group’s latest culinary venture, Aarzu Restaurant, opens its doors to the community to celebrate its first-ever Diwali season this week. “Aarzu” is a wish that has translated into a delectable and indulgent fine dining experience that serves Authentic Indian food in Freehold, New Jersey.

An extension of Arora Hospitality, one of the best things about this restaurant food is that you can be astonished by its simplicity, yet exquisite taste. By virtue of using fresh ingredients and letting food speak for itself, a good chef does well when his or her fingerprints are hard to find in a simple dish. A great chef makes simple entree’ undeniably their own. Their Head Chef ‘Sharvan’ is a virtuosic professional, able to express many nuances within each bite of a variety of food.

Everything on the menu’s many pages gets an attractive yet explanatory introduction and all in all its looks good. Mostly, as it is, one can start with delightful and healthy appetizers. For ex: Smoked Garbanzo Bhel and Lasooni Lotus Root are almost as soft as cake crumbs and flavorful respectively. Both are exceptional and are not too heavy on a stomach. The warm and tasty Gobi Saag was a quick respite from the weather on a cold windy day. The garlic Naans landed the uppercuts, as they were as fresh as a wheat crop in a field.

Moving away from the trend is what they have for dessert. ‘Phirni’ was the real surprise with an extremely soothing flavor. Simply great! And the Rose Ice cream has the tactful taste of sealing the dinner chapter in a neat way.

The food is presented and arranged with an attention to ‘Visual Flavor’ which is an important concept in food arrangement at an any restaurant. The creative presentation is enough to entice customers and hence in turn it makes the guests to “see” the flavors. Aarzu offers an interesting selection throughout the menu, by introducing a number of different techniques for a variety of flavors, colors, and textures. There is enough on the card for vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. At Aarzu you can have fine dining experience with Casual, spacious seating. Staff is extremely patient and focused, and quick to respond. In addition to their palatable gourmet, Aarzu has a private banquet hall with private entrance that can accommodate about 150 guests. For smaller get together they have party room that can accommodate 30-50 guests.

About Arora Hospitality Group:

Arora Hospitality Group was founded with a vision to take the Indian culinary industry to unparalleled heights in the U.S. and beyond. The brand consolidates all its restaurants and catering operations, including Moghul Caterers, Mithaas, Moghul Express, Papa Pancho Pizza, Urban Spice and, now. Aarzu, under one umbrella. The aim of Arora Hospitality Group is to give its guests an unprecedented culinary experience through its preparations, presentation, innovation, service and quality. Arora Hospitality Group has taken it upon themselves to popularize Indian food and expose it to the mainstream U.S. audience. With the growing diversity of restaurants, they hope to see Indian culinary options widely available across the country.