Move over animal pillows —pooches, cats, caterpillars and foxes. It’s now time to embrace the odds! And, we literally mean the odd. Recently, an online shopping portal went berserk with the sale of boyfriend pillows. BT lists out some of the interesting options that you can snuggle up to. Coz, hey!Comfort doesn’t have to be boring.

Boyfriend pillow

You don’t need a boyfriend anymore to cuddle up to. This pillow is in the shape of a guy’s arm that you can roll over your neck while sleeping. Make sure that you spritz a men’s perfume on the arm for that ‘little romantic’ effect!

Hunky guy pillow

Similar to that of a boyfriend pillow, if you fancy a muscular man, the hunky guy pillow is your best bet. This is also in the shape of a guy’s arm, just that it’s got those extra muscles!

Tissue dispenser pillow

When you want to have a good cry, there’s nothing like hugging a pillow that dispenses tissues. So, the next time you have a cold or want to vent out after a break-up, you know what to get for yourself.

Make-out pillow

If you want to get kissed to sleep, grab hold of a make-out pillow. These pillows or rather cushions have a man’s lips popping out of the cushion. This pillow allows singletons to practice their snogging skills!

Lady lap pillow

Shaped like a woman’s lap, this leggy pillow is for all the men out there. This is a cushiony mini-skirted human substitute, which is shaped like a pair of a kneeling woman. Apparently, this pillow was first created and sold in Japan and then caught on with the rest of the world.

Hand pillow

Shaped like two hands, this pillow is ideally used by parents to put their babies off to sleep. So, if you want your baby to have a sound sleep, while knowing that you are there to protect him/her, put these hands around your baby and watch him/her snoring away to glory!