Indian teen arrested 5 times in November in New Jersey

BRUNSWICK, NJ (TIP): A 19-year-old Indian was arrested five times in 12 days in November on multiple charges including attempted assault by auto, driving under the influence and drug possession, according to a report by

Sai Ramagiri was initially arrested on Nov. 4 by the Plainsboro Police Department for allegedly attempting to run over a friend with his vehicle while under the influence of marijuana, says the report quoting police.

He was then arrested at around 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 8 after police found Ramagiri “leaned over vomiting” near a Jeep on Monet Court with a shredded rear tire. Officers recovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia from the vehicle and charged Ramagiri with DWI, drug possession and several motor vehicle summonses. He was later released.

Two days later, Monmouth Junction firefighters found the teen with a white Porsche against a guardrail on Ridge Road, police said. Ramagiri, who was standing outside the vehicle, told officials the vehicle ran out of gas, police said.

An officer found a marijuana cigarette sticking out of Ramagiri’s front jeans pocket and he was arrested and charged with drug possession and DWI. He was processed and later released on a summons.

The next arrest came as Ramagiri was driving the 2016 Porche on Ridge Road and the South Brunswick officer who arrested him five days earlier saw him behind the wheel, police said.

The Plainsboro Police arrested Ramagiri Nov 15 again after police stopped him in his Porsche for failing to maintain lanes while driving on Plainsboro Road. He was charged with DWI, having open alcohol containers in the vehicle and several motor vehicle summonses, according to the report.