Who wouldn’t like to be a part of the historic 2016 Presidential election?. Remember, each vote counts. And, moreover, we all have our right to vote and, more importantly, it is our duty to vote; more so, when the race is so tight. I don’t think there would be any who would sit back and see the ideology he subscribes to being trampled underfoot. So, friends, no matter who you wish to elect, stand by your candidate and share the joy of your candidate’s victory.

With over 30 million ballots cast in the US presidential election early voting, Democrats were building a lead in North Carolina and Nevada states, while Republicans maintained an edge in Florida and Ohio, according to a CNN analysis.

With five days to go till November 8, registered Republicans also led Democrats in early voting in Arizona, while Democrats were ahead in Colorado and Iowa, the analysis revealed on Thursday, November 3.

So far, about 7.4 million registered Democrats and about 6.4 million Republicans have done just that.

It is your turn, if you have not voted earlier, to vote. Get out and vote on November 8th and be a part of the Nation’s history.