At the RHC event, Trump on Lotus as he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Hillary and Sonia Gandhi attacking Adani’s $32,000 crore marketing product PM Narendra Modi, were put up by Vincent Bruno of “Hindus For Trump”, an unregistered fringe group with practically no membership!

Vincent is an American Christian converted to Hinduism, initially I thought he is the face of LGTB Hindu community but now it looks like he is trying to replace aging Francois Gautier, a Frenchman living in India who is earning his bread & butter since 1971 by instigating Hindus how they have been brutally killed by Muslim rulers for centuries.

Basically he is selling hate against Muslims to ignorant Hindus in the name of singing glory of Hinduism. It is very surprising that Hindus could not find an able Hindu among almost 1 Billion Hindus to guide them about their own religion or who can correctly interpret the famous Holy Hindu Texts that has everything in them to understand Hinduism. It is very surprising why no Hindu organization in USA or India has raised objections to Trump on Lotus.

pic-2-hillary-sonia-attacking-modiThe RHC event aka Music Masti & Dance aka Trump event on Saturday Oct. 15, 2016 at Raritan Center, Edison, NJ was a garbage event. The organizers aka Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar since mid-September has been changing the event concept by the hour and their current flier has no picture of Trump as well as no mention of charity event for Kashmiri Hindus & Bangladeshi Hindus. Initially it was all day family affair from 12 noon to 11 PM at PNC center on Sep 24, 2016 and then moved to Oct. 15, 2016 at the same venue and finally took place at a scaled down version at Raritan Center, Edison, NJ.

Right from day one they had no clarity what they intended to do. They had Sri Ravishankar as main attraction in the name of Hinduism. Main attraction for entertainment section was Shahid Kapoor from Bollywood & Ram Charan from South and exhibition on Kashmiri Pundits as well as history of Hinduism. Hinduism attraction Sri Ravishankar and Hollywood attraction Shahid Kapoor and Ram Charan were missing at Raritan. It looks like the organizers brought in C grade dancers from India that is the reason they added Ras Garba! These kinds of dancers are very much available in tri-state area and one does not have to import them from India.

Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, a self-centered, self-proclaimed savior of Hinduism has been bragging to save Kashmiri & Bangladeshi Hindus and all the time praising his own achievements and declaring he will donate $1 million to them. When approached for help for a NJ Hindu boy, victim of prosecutorial misconduct, racial bias and fabricated charges this man ran away.

NJ govt. under pressure from Jewish leaders had put at that time 19-year old Hindu boy since April 2012 in solitary confinement for being a “mastermind in Swastika drawn outside 4 Synagogues”& an amateurish act of arson at 1 by his Spanish Friend Anthony Graziano in Dec 2011-Jan 2012.The Hindu boy was not even present in New Jersey when these incidents took place. He was hundreds of miles away in New Hampshire campaigning for Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. If Shalli Kumar cannot help 1 Hindu how he can be expected to protect millions of Hindus! In every Press Conference he says RHC (Republican Hindu Coalition) is on the patterns of RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition) and RHC is staffed by practically their advisors and he is paying $100,000.00 every month to the staff just to make sure all the compliance and legal guide lines for RHC are strictly followed! He knows all the top Jewish leaders and more than 2 dozen top Republican leaders!

As far as I am concerned it was another crap event that our photo opportunist PHD (Photo Hungry Desi’s) self -declared community leaders have been doing for decades for self-promotion in the tri-state area in the name of India, Hindus, Hinduism and culture. There are more than a dozen India Day parades every year that are nothing but Mini Pushkar Melas to entertain locals.

None of our so called community leaders can spell or define culture, religion, politics and help the less fortunate or victims of injustice from the Indian community. None of them has ever taken any stand for victims of racial discrimination, injustice & police brutality. The Jewish leaders can punish & send for counseling an 8-year-old for drawing Swastika, can allow Jewish Police officers to pull a gun on 5 & 9-year-old Hindu children, can call the entire Indian community cockroaches, animals, illiterate & illegal, go home. They can allow their media & reporters to write almost a dozen articles to terrorize and humiliate an 11-year-old Hindu boy for demanding equal rights with Jews & Christians of his town from State Governor in public. They can let the community be humiliated and terrorized. These are our community leaders.

(The author is a New Jersey based community activist)