Weekly Forecast-February 21to  February27,  2022

By Chirag Bejan Daruwalla


Ganesha says,  this weekfriendship will rule your days. You’ll be delighted to meet such wonderful people. This week, take some time to examine your job possibilities. You may receive a fantastic solution that is appropriate for you. This week you will interact with others in a calm manner. You could be envious of folks who have accomplished so much in their life this week. Ignore them and go about your business. This week, your relationship friends will bloom. you will be delighted to see some good changes in your partner’s behavior. If you are already married, your spouse will spend more time in attending your grievances this week. Your Children’s Health needs to be examined this week. Dear Aries, overall, you will have a very balanced week.


This week is going to be a really exciting week for you. You’ll have a good time with your buddies. For the most part, excellent possibilities are identified. Any substantial financial transaction should be signed this week. This week, you and a business partner may have a significant quarrel about a little problem in the middle of the week. Don’t be concerned; the scenario will not persist much longer. As suggested by the absence of Venus in your 7th house, your romantic friends will suffer a little. You will be getting anxious over minor things and this will create few troubles in your relationship. Try to keep your mind calm and do not take any big decision. Minor ailment issues will be solved in the latter half of the week.


This week, be prepared to learn something new and valuable. Keep an open mind. You might receive a significant sum of money this week with little work on your part. This week, you’ll be spending time with youngsters, which will awaken your inner kid. Because of your communication talents, you can find yourself in a theatrical situation. This week, work on your communication skills and avoid interfering in other people’s affairs. You are more likely to get eligible to take a loan and this will boost the process of your project this week. Your relationship fronts will stay stable this week. Your partner will be all ears to your problems throughout the week. Your health will not go through any issues throughout the week.


This week, you’ll be bursting with enthusiasm and vitality. This week, you’ll be undertaking things that are both enjoyable and frolicsome. You will savor the pleasures of household coziness. This week, you’ll uncover solutions to your money problems. People will also offer your assistance. In the midst of the week, you will be antsy. To prevent the emptiness in your life, spend time with your friends and keep yourself cheerful. Your relationship fronts will need a little bit of attention this week. Following your parents’ advice will help you manage your relationship better. Your health will be alright just keeping your sugar level in check will help you.


This week, your parents will provide you with appropriate assistance. On the job front, some sort of good news is conceivable. This week, you’ll earn profits in estate and land-related topics. In their projects, students will get exceptional achievements. People will criticize you in the middle of the week to make you feel bad. Boost your self-esteem and achieve everything you set your mind to. It’s suggested by the presence of Jupiter in your 10th house, your finances will be well managed and will be able to complete lots of resourceful work this week. Your partner and you will plan an outing for the weekend but, avoid going to farther places as malicious effect of Mars will hover over your love life in the latter half of the week. Health will be alright hence you do not need to worry.


This week, you could get some fantastic moments. Events are unfolding in your favor, and this will add a glimmer to your everyday routine. You’ll give it you’re all in all you accomplish. By the end of the week, you may have a new source of money. It’s possible that you’ll encounter transportation issues. Maintain a backup plan to avoid being late for projects.Someone proving to be a very compatible partner for you will enter your life this week. Initially, your parents we’ll try to keep you away in order to save you from being hurt emotionally but, you will surely find your way around. You might have to go through minor back pain or joint aches in the latter half of the week. Taking physiotherapy will help.


You’ll spend the week relaxing and getting some rest. This week will see the completion of ongoing projects. Financial clarity will be achieved. Others will respect you as a result of your efforts. You may be upset by someone since the Moon will misalign the peacefulness of your thinking in the middle of the week. Keep your calm since you’ll be moving in separate directions and it’ll pass quickly. Uncalm mind will have a negative effect on your relationship and hence your romantic fronts will suffer a little bit. You will need to give more reassurances to your partner as their doubts will need clarifications. Your health will be alright in terms of your body but your mental will have to be kept in check.


You will recover from your missteps this week. There’s a chance you’ll be given a significant assignment this week. You will be reimbursed for the money you loaned. Take care of the crucial things this week. You’ll be really adept at handling things this week. Because Jupiter will not coincide with other celestial planets in your zodiac, you may feel compelled to step outside of your comfort zone, or you may continue to overthink and feel down. You must strive to become a better version of yourself. Your partner will try to change certain habits of yours and this will anger you a little bit but following their advice will help you a lot. Your relationship will get more about improving each other that rather than being self-centered that you were. Your blood pressure issues will need minor attention.


You’ll be in a good mood this week. You’ll be preoccupied with household activities, which will bring you closer to your family. You will be greeted with cheerful gossip. You will have a fantastic evening. Your colleagues will also deliver you some good news. You may feel awful about your behavior in the second half of the week. What has been done cannot be undone, but you can ensure that it does not happen again. People who are married will look for new house or a new property to get settled into. If you are in a relationship against your parents will, this week will bring sorting differences between your partner and you but tackling your problems together will make things better by the end of the week. Your health will need attention as you will suffer from stomach related issues as a result of your carelessness.


This week, you’ll be laser focused. You’ll set priorities and schedules for everything. You and your companion will have a fantastic time. This is an excellent week to invest in real estate in particular. You will set your ego aside and accept responsibility for your faults. Accepting your flaws will not make you any less of a person; rather, it will earn you a lot of respect for your honesty. It is an excellent week to find your soul mate. The person you meet will be very good at heart but we lack expression. You will not be able to realize their worth soon but, universe will show you positive signs about this person by the end of the week. Dental issues will bother you this week hence you must keep yourself away from cold drinks.


This week would be ideal for you to spend in alone. Self-time will help you gain confidence and cleanse your thoughts so you can plan for the future. This week, you might even be able to take a small road trip. Don’t make assumptions or put yourself under unnecessary stress. You must confront issues head-on while being stress-free. You will become more of a money minded person this week. Aquarians looking for a partner will find Taurus and Gemini as one of their most compatible matches this week. As Mars will bring negative effects on your Zodiac, you are more likely to suffer in terms of your health in the latter half of the week. Following home remedies and more consumption of turmeric will help you ease up your health issues.


You will have the week you have been anticipating. Your week is going to be full of surprises. You will be thankful for the presence of your loved ones. This week will be a triumph at work, and you will reach the objective you set. You should not get overly sensitive to matters that do not affect you. People may be trying to get you to fall, but you should not fall for their bait. Although you are a very spiritual person you have run  far away from divinity since long. This week you will meet someone who will try to bring you closer to God and will help you retain your faith in the divine self. As suggested by the planetary transitions in the 7th House of your Zodiac, this will be a really good week to plan out marriages and engagements. Health of elderly people in the house will need attention throughout the week.

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