Weekly Horoscope-June 20 to June 26, 2022

Shree Ganeshaya Namah!!!

By Chirag Bejan Daruwalla


Dear Aries, on a competitive level, your employers and colleagues will appreciate your achievements this week. Be careful if you make investments since you may miss out on critical data. Your kids will be gifted both artistically and intellectually. Steer away from loud sounds and strive to have a peaceful atmosphere. Your love life will demand some attention this week as your partner and you both will have different perspectives on multiple things. Married people will have to be careful in the first half of the week. Today is a good day to pay attention to your health because you’re likely to have mild headaches and backaches.


You’ll restore your vigor and return to your mundane schedule Dear Taurus. You will be rewarded for something good you did previously. On the economic front, you’ll be presented with a number of unforeseen chances. You will have the freedom to bargain on your own conditions, but you will be constrained in your advancement. Anyone at employment may have concerns about your approach, which can be frustrating initially, but they will ultimately come around. As far as your relationship is concerned, this week is going to be really fruitful for you as you will surely meet someone like-minded. Your health will need some attention this week as you might suffer from periodic headaches in the first half of the week.


This week, you will celebrate togetherness as domestic issues are settled. On a competitive basis, this is not the greatest week to get involved in any regulatory issues relating to the company. You’ll be more focused and have a greater sense of what’s going on in your environment. Putting money into the apparel industry will repay off tremendously. Anyone will monitor your kids and try to safeguard them by compelling them to be good. This is going to be an amazing week as far as your romantic life is concerned as your partner will help you go through multiple problems which have been bothering you. This week, you must take care of your health especially if you are suffering from any cardiac issues.


Professionally, you’ll be burdened by the backlog of tasks you pushed aside before Dear Cancer. Don’t rush; one stride at a time will enough. Somebody will damage the company’s workplace diversity, causing you more pressure, but the excellent thing is that your week’s experiences will educate you on ambidextrous skills.This week your love life will flourish. You’ll be able to make your partner feel contented and secure in your presence. As far as your health is concerned, you will have to be really careful as the position of Rahu will affect your mental health this week. Ask your children to be careful this week.


Your management consultant is most likely to give you some good information this week. Lord Saturn is on your team when it relates to commerce, hence your revenues will increase this week, and you’ll be able to make a bunch of income from unit trusts. Try to keep your legs rooted while savoring your vivid delights. A bride and groom will be on the identical path while addressing important events in their children’s life. It is going to be an amazing week for newly wedded couples as they will spend a lot of time together. People who are looking for the right match to get married to will find it difficult to come to conclusions but, in the last three days of the week, you will receive the right guidance from your parents regarding the same. Your health will be alright this week.


Despite the fact that your week will be demanding, you will be satisfied with how you handled it. You are susceptible to overpaying on modest things on a business basis, which you must prevent. People in business roles will be rewarded for their consistency and tenacity by their bosses and colleagues. If you concentrate carefully, you’ll be less likely to make mistakes, but you’ll also obtain greater results. It is going toa the week of affection and passion in terms of your love life. For people who have married recently, this week we will get time to settle in with your new family. Stirred by Venus, people are likely to find their companion this week. About your fitness, this week your health will demand least attention hence, you can stay carefree.


Your week will be tranquil and pleasant, although Saturn and Neptune will disrupt your tranquility in the first few days. Talk gently since you’re much more than likely to damage one of your loved ones. You will find it difficult to ignore extreme opinions and keep small conflicts to a minimum. On a technical level, this is an excellent week for equity marketplace and plan manager investing. This week, before accepting any official document, check the data, as one of your colleagues will try to deceive you. In terms of your love life, this week will bring so many changes in the equation between your partner and you. You both will drive in different directions which might lead to misunderstandings but, by the end of the week, better energies will make your love life better. This week your health will need minor attention as you might suffer from issues related to blood pressure.


You will actively perform and attentively this week. You’ll face several challenges, but you’ll be able to conquer them. Maintain an optimistic outlook and beam concentration. You can begin a new company right now, but it should not be related to food or clothing because the outcomes may be disappointing. This week, steadiness is crucial. This week, your love life will be blessed with better energies of Venus. You will not only convey your feelings to your partner but you will also settle in as well their expectations from you. Health of elderly people in the house will need attention in the latter half of the week.


It’s going to be a terrific week. You will be able to complete all of your outstanding chores this week. You will make some income and your fiscal condition will better. This week is the perfect time to make a big commitment. Bitter thoughts will surely enter your mind; however, try to squash them and continue on. Try not to be impulsive in making any decisions that might lead to disappointment. It is going to be the week of emotions and clarity in terms of your love life. People who have been holding feeling of heaviness in their heart for their partner will let things go which will improve the romantic equation. As far as your health is concerned, this week will be all well and you do not need to worry about anything!


You’ll be fortunate to get the guts to stick up for yourself this week. You will be confronted with some difficult truths about your family; ensure that you manage them sensibly. This week appears to be a good week for your profession. You will eventually be able to make more money this week as Venus transits out of your fifth house. Drugs are the ideal field to participate in if you are interested in the financial markets. Singles are having a nice week. The person you’ve had a crush on for a long time will exhibit signs of engagement. Your marriage is in desperate need of treatment. If you’ve been disregarding your healthy eating practices for a while, this week is the time to get back on schedule and avoid sugary snacks.


You will be able to get rid of matters that have been dragging on your emotions for a long time this week. You will be able to focus on your task effectively. Your family’s healthcare consultant will contact you with a few important issues. This week, you’re more likely to hear about a raise. You will make more money than normal if you own a commercial and industrial firm. On interpersonal frontiers, misunderstandings are likely to develop. This week, get to the bottom of issues before they cause severe scars. People who have a cardiovascular problem will want particular attention, while others may need to keep to their regular regimen.


You will experience a little more tranquility this week as most of the crazy aspects of existence will stay calm. Your friends will be able to help you out financially. This week, you’ll be concerned about your children’s schooling. Your employees and supervisors will devise a unique plan for your company, and you will be encouraged to participate. If you’re in the industry, be sure you don’t allow matters to go too far and become too reliant on others. You and your lover will be able to spend some quality time apart. Addressing family matters should be avoided. This week, make sure you only have nice conversations. Your wellness will be OK, but you will need to be concerned about the health of your offspring.

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