Advisory for Indian Students traveling to the United States of America

NEW YORK (TIP): In continuation of an Advisory issued on 23 December 2015 in connection with instances of denial of entry by the US Immigration authorities to Indian students having valid student visas to pursue studies in two educational institutions, namely, Silicon Valley University at San Jose and Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont, government of India, on December 30th issued another advisory.

The advisory notes that there have been further cases of denial of entry to Indian students holding valid visas to pursue studies in other US educational institutions. Some Indian nationals traveling on business/tourism/work visas have also been deported. The US Government has conveyed that the decision to deny entry to these students is not because of the corresponding institutions being “black-listed” but based on the assessment made by the US immigration authorities of individual applicants. According to the US Government, the deported persons had presented information to the border patrol agent which was inconsistent with their visa status.

Government of India continues to remain closely engaged with the US Government on this subject. We have strongly emphasized the need for the US authorities to honor the visas issued by their own Embassy/Consulates.

Meanwhile, it is reiterated that all Indian students seeking admission in US educational institutions should do due diligence to ensure that the institutions to which they are seeking admission have proper authorization and capacities. Apart from travel documents, the students should also carry all required documentation regarding their study plans, housing, financial support, healthcare arrangements etc. and be prepared for admission (entry to the US) interviews with U.S. immigration officials. Similarly, all Indian nationals traveling to the US on other visas are also advised to carry the necessary supporting documentations regarding place of stay, financial support, medical arrangements, sponsorship details etc.


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