There are many places of interest in Ahmedabad especially the mosques that are excellent examples of inspired workmanship, the Jain temples, and other historical buildings with unique stone step and ornately carved wooden balconies and more. Ahmedabad has a number of architectural monuments and edifices of historical importance which has become common places of interest in Ahmedabad.

Religious Places

Ahmedabad is a prosperous city where you can find a fine blend of the history, art and culture, rich architecture and imposing monuments. The metropolis of Ahmedabad presents a rich and different religious backdrop. Ahmedabad is the home to people following many religions. Consequently a number of religious places in Ahmedabad are noticed which are beautiful and worth visiting. Hinduism is the main religion followed by the people of Ahmedabad. Some of the Religious destinations of Ahmedabad are :

Ahmed Shah’s Mosque
Ahmed Shah’s Mosque is a very attractive mosque of Ahmedabad that is located in the south-west end of the famous Bhadra fort. Ahmed Shah’s Mosque is a very ancient mosque, built in 1414 AD by the founder of the city, Ahmed Shah. Ahmed Shah’s Mosque in Ahmedabad is an exclusive mosque of the period built only for the nobles and the royals place of worship. Ahmed Shah’s Mosque in Ahmedabad is one of the ancient religious places of worship that is worth visiting.

Bhadrakali Temple
Bhadrakali Temple of Ahmedabad is situated inside the famous Bhadra Fort. The Bhadrakali Temple of Ahmedabad was constructed during the rule of Aazam Khan. The Bhadrakali Temple in Ahmedabad was believed to be built by the Marathas in the medieval India.


Rani Sipri’s Mosque
The Rani Sipri’s Mosque is yet another example where we find a fine blend of Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture. The Rani Sipri’s Mosque is a small mosque located in the south-eastern part of the city. The Rani Sipri’s Mosque of Ahmedabad was built in 1514 AD by Rani Sipri, wife of Mehmud Begada who executed their son for a misdemeanor.

Sidi Sayed Jhali
Sidi Sayed Jhali of Ahmedabad is an important mosque of Ahmedabad. The Sidi Sayed Jhali is located near the famous Lal Darwaja near Ahmedabad. Sidi Sayed Jhali of Ahmedabad is well known for its splendid stone tracery. The Jali screen of the the mosque of Sidi Sayed is framed in ten semicircular windows.

Akshardham Temple
The well known Akshardham Temple is located at Gandhi Nagar that witnesses more than 2 million of visitors every year. The Akshardham Temple is an architectural masterpiece where you will witness the hoarded wealth of Gujarati architecture. The Akshardham Temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, the father of Swaminarayan Faith. You will find a big idol of Lord Swaminarayan inside this grand temple.

Swaminarayan Temple
Swaminarayan Temple is the world renowned temple situated at Kalupur in Ahmedabad. Swaminarayan Temple was built in the 19th Century. The Swaminarayan Temple of Ahmedabad, is an important tourist destination. The Swaminarayan Temple of Ahmedabad witnesses thousands of devout and tourists visiting the temple to pay homage to the deity. The offshoots Swaminarayan Temple can be traced in all the major cities of the world.

The Hatheesing Jain Temple
The Hatheesing Jain Temple came into existence in the year of 1850. It was the inspiration of an extremely wealthy business person engaged in retail trade named Sheth Hatheesing. This shrine is devoted to the worship of the 15th ‘Jain Tirthankar’ or Jain apostle renowned as Dharamnath.

The Victoria Garden

The Victoria Garden is placed at the southern verge of the majestic Bhadra Fort sited in Ahmedabad. The Victoria Garden is in true spirit a holiday-maker’s delight, aptly loaded with all sorts of recreational amenities and an unparalleled exotic back drop which will beyond a shadow of a doubt free you from all your vexations. More…

The Law Garden
The Law Garden is sited at the ever-sopopular hub of the city entitled Ahmedabad. The Law Garden represents a center in Ahmedabad that is renowned for the exquisite handicrafts and a mind-boggling assemblage of Gujrati outfits which is reminiscent of the rich and coveted Gujrati tradition. These tempting amenities are provided by a host of local hawkers who present you with a lavishing opportunity to bargain to your heart’s content. More…

Bal Vatika
The Bal Vatika as the name suggests is distinguished as a venue where your children can spend a few leisurely moments far away from the ever-so-busy schedule of their schools and the train of worries associated with the exams. The Bal Vatika of Ahmedabad was set up on the banks of the emerald blue waters of the Kankari Lake. The Bal Vatika is an island that will surely hold you spellbound at its soul-stirring scenic grandeur.

Amusement Parks
There is an entire brigade of amusement parks in Ahmedabad that function together to satiate the needs related to entertainment, put forward by the masses. Like the majority of cities in this country, Ahmedabad is also approaching a point where it will be able to entertain big mobs of fun-hungry people.

Shanku’s Water Park
Shanku’s Water Park :- Being regarded as the largest and earliest Water Park ever built in Eurasia, it is undoubtedly the most famous water park amongst the amusement parks in Ahmedabad. It is set up at Mehsana Highway which is about 60 kilometers away from Ahmedabad.

Lakes in Ahmedabad have their own charm. They are indeed a spectacle to watch out for. Flocks of tourists from all over the globe gather here to witness the splendor that is presented before their eyes by mother nature. The clear blue waters of the lakes have an enchanting and mesmerizing effect on the holiday-makes which is why they always return to cherish the scenic grandeur of the lakes in Ahmedabad one more time.

Chandola Lake
Chandola Lake Situated on the Dani Dalmi Road, it serves as a significant reservoir of Ahmedabad. This is also an artificial lake that was the inspiration and dream of an imperial Sultan belonging to the Mughal dynasty, Tajn Khan Nari Ali’s better half.


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