An Artist’s Long Haul

Anu’s journey started many years ago with some odd strokes, but very soon she found herself glided into the world of colors. Today, she has set up her studio in her house where she spends hours practicing art. Each canvas is approached with a feeling of excitement, wonder, and a sense of adventure.

An Artist’s Long Haul 1Here is what Anu says about herself and her love of art. “I feel the divine presence in nature, people and birds. I relate to places where I have lived and I try to bring out the essence of that place through my creations. Each painting to me is a record of an extraordinary moment of existence, a confirmation in the reality of the journey of the spirit.

“I yield to a greater force. I find I am able to connect on a level that I cannot verbalize. I believe that through the language of art and the engagement of color I am able to communicate at the highest vibrational level. Colors to me are like a time line and portrait of the inner self which I attempt to interrelate vigorously, creating a symphonic vibration with a freedom that cannot be taught and I hope to convey a message of peace to all through my paintings.”

Born in Dhar, the picturesque district of Madhya Pradesh, India, Anu’s interest in art started in her teenyears. After moving to Mumbai, she pursued her career as an artist by working with a renowned artist and gained practical knowledge of art in different mediums.

An Artist’s Long Haul 2
Dynamism. Water and acrylic color

Anu related her initial forays in to the world of art and the journey beyond. She said, “Despite my education in finance, I love doing oil paintings. After my graduation in finance I came to Mumbai, where I, professionally got into the creative work of art and crafts. In addition to my expressions in oil and water color paintings, I have done creative work in Fabric painting, Stained glass work, Pottery work Ceramics Commercial work, etc.During this period, I developed a better understanding of art. As a free-lancer, I have painted a series of paintings, some of which are titled Beauty and the Peacock, Hindu God Lord Ganesha, Rajasthan’s Palaces, Dancing Horses, Water Falls, The Child, and many more titles”.

She has had had several exhibitions of her paintings in Kolkata, Mumbai, Dubai and Singapore.

She is all set to exhibit herwork in upcoming group show named “Truth & Beauty” on the occasion of Woman History Month on 2nd March, 2016 which is presented by Nassau County Comptroller Mr. George Maragos at Theodore Roosevelt & Legislative Building, 1550 Franklin Ave., Mineola, NY 11501An Artist’s Long Haul3

In this show, one of her paintings named “Freedom – The Beauty of Life” is being showcased. In this painting, two white doves which are symbolic of peace are being freedby the lady, which is giving message of freedom from within her soul and showing inner beauty. Through the painting, says Anu, “I have tried to convey my message of peace and freedom”.

→ For further detail of her previous work please visit her page ‘Anu’s Art” on Facebook link:

Anu can be reached at and phone no. 516-728-4186



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