Nikki Haley Keeps Options Open For US Vice-Presidential Bid

Indian-American South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on Wednesday kept her options open on being the Republican vice presidential nominee as she said that though her life “is full” at the moment, she would be “happy to sit down with a candidate”.

The 43-year-old, who is the first woman and first minority governor in her state’s history, told the CNN: “I truly haven’t thought about it near as much as you guys have.”

Ms Haley had delivered the opposition Republican response to President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union address on Wednesday in what was seen as an opportunity to propel her to the US national political scene.

In recent days her becoming the party’s vice presidential nominee has gained ground.

But, Ms Haley did not give a clear answer to whether she would run for the coveted post.

“You know, I’ve got a daughter that’s a senior in high school, I’ve got a son in middle school, so I’m busy with basketball games and running the State.”

“I’ve said, if any time someone wants to sit down, I’m happy to sit down with a candidate, but really my life is full,” she said, echoing what she also told NBC in a separate interview.

“Everything’s pretty full right now and we’ve got a lot to do in the state of South Carolina, and I look forward to doing that,” Ms Haley said.

She said her crucial speech in response to President Obama’s at the State of the Union address, in which she appeared to be critical of Donald Trump, was “partially” directed at her party’s presidential front runner.

“Yes partially to Donald Trump, but partially to a lot of other people as reminding them we get more done when we listen and find out where someone else is coming from and put ourselves in their shoes to try and figure out where we can find common ground,” Haley said.

Following her response, one of the top Mr Trump supporter had called for her deportation.

“I am concerned,” she said when asked about such remarks. Her speech, Ms Haley said, was vetted by the top Republican leadership.

This was also praised by many Republican presidential campaigns including those by Jeb Bush and former President Obama advisor David Axelrod.


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