Conquer stage fright with Google Cardboard VR app

Google cardboard — a virtual reality (VR) headset that docs your phone — spawned as a side project that’s now turned into an entire division focused on virtual reality. Google Cardboard is like an “open-source-hardware“ that can be built out of a pizza box, lenses and glue.

Since all the functionality of the Google Cardboard depends on the phone, sky is the limit. There are several apps that work on Google Cardboard besides the dedicated app developed by Google.

An app called Public Speaking for Cardboard has a more specific purpose than just giving you the virtual reality experience — conquering stage fright. The app lets you choose between a large conference room (set in San Jose, California) or a small meeting room (located in Oxford, England) with seating capacities of over 300 or 15 respectively. So, load your slides into the app and it will put it up on the virtual screen that you see in these venues with Google Glass. You can fight your fear for an upcoming speech by practising in virtual reality.

The app features a 360-degree view from the virtual stage. The audience is active throughout your speech and if you put earphones on, sound distractions like ambient noise try to get you as close to the real deal.

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