Ex-Professor Of Raghuram Rajan At IIT Delhi, Has Been Living With Tribals For 32 Years!

Alok Sagar, a former IIT professor, who used to teach Ex-RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, has been living in a remote village of Madhya Pradesh for 32 years.

Sagar, who has an bachelor’s and a master’s engineering degree from IIT Delhi, used to teach at IIT Delhi back in the 1980s after completing a PhD from Houston University in Texas.

Sagar soon quit his job at IIT, leaving his bright career behind, to help the underprivileged sections of the society.

Following his resignation, Sagar moved to a remote village in Madhya Pradesh where he helped tribals in Betul and Hoshangabad districts.

26 years ago, Sagar moved to Kochamu, a village with a population of 750, where he helped in the betterment of the environment, planting over 50,000 trees himself!

Sagar shares the belief that India’s problems are ones that are to be fixed at the grassroot level

The Hindustan Times reported him saying, “In India, people are facing so many problems, but people are busy proving their intelligence by showing their degrees rather than serving people.”

Sagar, who prefers to lay low, came under the spotlight during the Ghodongari assembly elections. When locals grew suspicious of Sagar, local authorities asked him to leave, following which, Alok revealed his identity, which were then verified.

A once reputed professor at one of the leading universities, now lives humbly, owing only three sets of kurtas. Alok now spends most of his days distributing seeds to villagers, working for the advancement of the poverty-stricken.


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