Expectations in 2016 | Wish for a peaceful and harmonious world

In 2016, I truly wish for a peaceful and harmonious world where our common humanity is  more celebrated rather than focusing on our differences. I  hope and pray that our community  could work together  in unity in the  political arena here and exercise our rights and privileges in a more assertive way than ever before. Both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, tend to treat the Asian Indian community like an ATM machine while displaying no loyalty or lasting commitment to  our needs or aspirations!They may have concluded that we are merely excited and privileged with the so-called photo sessions. A united south Asian Community with a thoughtful plan of action will go a long way in claiming a piece of the pie here in New York that is rightfully ours considering our presence and contributions. It is time that we balance the celebration of the cultural heritage with timely interventions and actions to help our younger generation to succeed in a more competitive environment here in USA.

One last thing: Let us all remain true and consistent to the principles of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for every human being on the planet. Let us raise our voices against injustices everywhere whether it is an assault on a visiting grand father from Gujarat by a policeman in Alabama or lynching a minority member in Dadri, U.P for his dietary habits or burning alive of Dalit Children in Faridabad, U.P or setting ablaze of Churches of a minority community in New Delhi. Martin Luther King once quoted as saying ‘if we remain silent in face of injustice, we are in complicity’!

George AbrahamAuthor: George Abraham

Chairman, INOC USA New York

Email: gta777@gmail.com


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