Expectations in the New Year

I expect to serve this world around me. Buddha said compassionate mind is the most powerful mind. It is very strange we all live in a fearful world of our own. Most of the time there is no rhyme or reason for that fear but we do. The fear we created by our self. Limits we have created by our self. In 2016 I want to be a person who have no fear, no limits, who can express himself. I believe that the most important person for you is yourself and you have right to be happy. I expect to be happy in this year. I always work on a principle of “Do No Harm” and i want to continue to practice that in my personal life and my medical pain practice. Words are the most powerful weapons and the most powerful blessings depending on how used. They simply can destroy your existence or can make you a God based on how they are used.

Pain is suffering!! It affects every aspects of person’s life. It not only affects that person suffering but also people around them. Often time’s patient is shy about talking about their pain as it makes them feel inferior or disabled. Physical pain leads to psychological pain also and then the pain becomes chronic.

2016 I expect to make amazing changes in me and my practice so i could reach out to everybody who is suffering with pain and provide them with the Best Available treatment based on their conditions. I expect to give them an awesome quality of life so they can “Stop Suffering!! Start Living!!”

Rajan S. GuptaAuthor: Rajan S. Gupta, MD

Gupta Institute for Pain, NJ


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