Feeling unlucky? These plants can help you

PEACE LILY – This dark green plant with gorgeous bright white flowers helps you prosper by improving the indoor air quality. It also helps prevent asthma, headaches, chronic illnesses, cancer and more. The peace lily does all that simply by sitting pretty in your home. It can clean out formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the ambient air, apart from other fumes like cigarette smoke, paint, furniture fumes etc.

CACTUS- The Aztecs of central Mexico consider a flowering cactus auspicious. According to them, a blooming cactus flower symbolizes good luck and its owner can expect good news immediately.According to the legends, the gods of sun and war had promised Aztec priests that one day, someone would spot an eagle perched on a cactus and holding a snake. This would mean that they had found their home. And it supposedly happened! Aztecs hurried to the swampy shore of a lake to see this wonderful sight and as they watched, the cactus grew into an island, which became their new home.

MONEY PLANT – Often used in Feng Shui, a money plant is said to produce a positive energy flow that attracts good luck and fortune.In China, the money plant is traditionally given as a New Year gift. But there’s a catch: The plant’s shoot must always point upward for it to bring you wealth. Also, according to popular belief, owners get richer if the plant is propagated using stolen branches (cuttings). On the downside, the person from whom the clippings are stolen, supposedly stands to lose wealth.

Source: TOI


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