Is ‘Partially Dangerous’


Google’s Safe Browsing tool, which automatically browses billions of URLs per day for unsafe websites, has listed as ‘partially dangerous.’

google-is-dangerousEmbarrassing gaffe or commendable honesty? Google’s “Safe Browsing” section of its online transparency report delivers a less-than-impressed verdict on the company’s main search engine.

The attackers on such sites might try to trick the users to download software or steal financial information.

However, Google is asking the users not to panic.

“Users sometimes post bad content on websites that are normally safe. Safe Browsing will update the safety status once the webmaster has cleaned up the bad content,” it wrote.

In the meantime, concerned web users may wish to try alternative search engines. Microsoft’s is currently assigned a “not dangerous” status by Google, despite its report flagging up the fact that some pages on that website also redirect visitors to malware-installing sites.

Anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo, meanwhile, gets a clean bill of health according to its Google Safe Browsing report.


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