Hydrate, exfoliate, moisturize to avoid dry skin

Save your skin from dryness and dehydration. Increase water intake and exfoliate the dead skin cells to achieve smooth skin, says an expert.

An expert from Advanced Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic has shared a few tips to get spotless skin:

Hydrate: Hydrating yourself is absolutely essential to keep your skin healthy. A lot of water content from the body is lost while you sweat during summer season. Therefore, it is essential to increase water intake by a couple of glasses every day.

Avoid caffeinated drinks and keep away from aerated drinks too as they further dehydrate the skin. Instead, opt for freshly squeezed lime juice or go for coconut water and other fresh juices.

Exfoliate: Exfoliation helps in the removal of dead skin cells and in achieving smooth skin. You can do it yourself at home with the right mix.

Oatmeal, honey, lemon, curd, cucumber are some of the ingredients that can work wonders on your skin. In summer season, exfoliate at least thrice a week to remove dead skin and improve blood circulation.

Moisturize: It is necessary to moisturise your skin before you step out in the searing sun. This will keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry and scaly.

Apply a light and non-greasy moisturiser after you step out from a shower and before applying sunscreen. Follow this procedure in the night.

Balanced diet: It is not just water that helps you to stay hydrated; indulging in fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and salads help as well. Eat the right food to nourish your skin and stay fit during summer. Avoid boiling or steaming vegetables for too long, as this will reduce their water content. Junk food, beverages, non-vegetarian and spicy preparations are a strict no-no as well during summer.


Milk products work wonders on your skin. If you have dry and itchy skin, try applying milk. Take a piece of cloth, soak it in milk and apply it on your skin. Leave it on for five to eight minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Apply it on alternate days and see how your skin begins to glow in a matter of weeks.

Olive Oil

Olive oil helps condition your skin since it has many properties that can leave your skin smooth. Take some olive oil and apply it on your skin half an hour before you take shower. Take a hot water bath, and moisturise your skin using a cream. As the procedure takes time, try this over the weekends.


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