In 2016 I look forward to empowerment of Women

Lakshmi Puri
  • In which all governments, businesses and institutions provide for equal voice participation and leadership of women
  • In which women and girls of all ages and in all circumstances are valued ,empowered and  claim their human rights in the household , communities, society ,economy and in governance.
  • In which all citizens , especially the youth , join and drive a global solidarity movement to end inequality , discrimination and violence ,against women everywhere  and work for UNWOMEN’s  Planet 50/50 by 2030 : Step it up For Gender Equality Campaign .
  • In which all men and boys join the He For She Campaign and  lead the way in dispelling gender stereotypes and  discriminatory  cultural and social norms and  notions of masculinity and usher in a mutually respectful ,gender equal world ( they would be following Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki Moon , President  of the USA Obama and PM Modi and President Mukherjee   of India )
  • in which everyone Unites to End the “global epidemic” of violence against women in all spaces through sustained prevention, protection, prosecution of perpetrators and provision of response services efforts.
  • In which governments and citizens in all countries sincerely set out to realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals especially SDG 5 to ” Achieve Gender Equality and to empower all Women and Girls “

As the global champion for the rights of women and girls, UN Women will continue to work with all and I firmly believe that together we can transform our world so no woman or girl is left behind in poverty, deprivation and violence and has equal access to education, health, nutrition, productive and natural resources and assets, infrastructure and services, decent jobs and positions of power and decision making !

Lakshmi Puri

Author: Lakshmi Puri

Assistant Secretary General , United Nations , Deputy Executive Director , UNWOMEN , New York



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