Indian American launches Global initiative aimed at training high scholars in Microsoft technologies

Shailesh Mehta, President of Acecs Inc
Shailesh Mehta, President of Acecs Inc

WOODBRIDGE. NJ (TIP): A New Jersey software entrepreneur has launched a global initiative to train high-school students in Microsoft technologies that can help them jumpstart a career in information technology.

“The biggest challenge currently facing the world economy is the lack of IT-trained professionals out of high school, who can be readily employed in meaningful careers,” says Shailesh Mehta, president of Acecs Inc, a Woodbridge-NJ software firm that provides certified training in various Microsoft technologies.

As part of the initiative, Mehta plans to target 200 schools in the first year, expanding to 1,500 by the 4th year. “We will begin with schools in New Jersey, specifically Woodbridge Township, covering the entire state in the first year itself,” explains Mehta, a certified Microsoft lead trainer. Concurrently, Mehta will deploy the initiative in Mumbai, India, as well.

About a million students will be targeted in the first year and about 20 million in 4 years. “The anticipated economic growth will be about $20 billion in the first year, increasing to $400 billion in 4 years, based on an average salary growth of $20,000 per student,” says Mehta.

As part of the strategy, Mehta will prepare retired or semi-retired IT Professionals in these technologies, who can then coach high school students. All training will be provided by industry professionals, taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) and tested by a panel of MCTs before authorized to teach at partner locations.

Training will be imparted to high school students in Microsoft technologies such as Office Suite, Windows Client and Server Operating Systems, Exchange (Mail) Server, SQL (Database) Server and SharePoint Server, covering both the online and the offline fundamentals.

Mehta will eventually expand the global initiative to every major city around the globe through nonprofit organizations in those cities. Through the initiative, Mehta will provide the overall strategy, guidance, policies, training and the step by step implementation of the goals.

To keep setup costs low and expedite the deployment of the initiative, Mehta will be partnering with schools using their existing IT infrastructure.



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