Lovely nostalgic memories of Air India

Air India was a part of J.R.D”s vision for India. Being India’s first true business scion, Tata was a director at Tata Sons Limited; one of Asia’s largest industrial companies. In July of 1932, he created an aviation department at the company; and began the first un-subsidized (i.e.: no mail contract from the British) domestic air service in India after receiving a license for through flights between Madras (Chennai) and Karachi via Bombay
(Mumbai) on October 15th, 1932.

1973 Air India Ad that read” Next time you fly 747 to New York, be unfaithful.”

The Sari becomes the official dress code for Air India since 1960.

“Memories of dark-haired beauties”, is what a traveler brings back from India, in an advertisement published in 1970. “Long after you leave India, India will still be with you,” the tag line reads. Guess who the model was? -Zeenat Aman.Air India

Vidal Sassoon was onboard giving Air India hostess Ruby Bharucha a few hints on grooming hair at 40,000 feet, en route from London to New York in 1965.

Now experience the new Air India that is a member of the largest airline alliance STAR Alliance with access to over 1000 lounges worldwide among other niceties.

Air India operates nonstop services from Chicago’s O’Hare, New York’s JFK to T3 of New Delhi, and another from Newark’s EWR to T2 of Mumbai BOM, with a fabulously convenient schedule departing afternoons and arriving afternoon with over 45 domestic connections and many more to other countries.


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