Perfect ways to wear lipstick

While we all love to dress up and sport the prim and proper look, be it to go to work or an outing. Two of the most important elements of makeup are eyes and lips, and highlighting these elements makes any look perfect. Here’s a few ways to perfect that style of painting your lips.

Make sure that do not tamper with the shape and size of your lips while wearing lipstick. If you have thin lips, do not try to overline them to make them look thicker, also do not underplay by in-lining thicker lips. Simple maintain your natural lip shape and size, and accentuate it with colour and texture, do not play with the basics.

This trend is passe and should not at all be followed in this day and age. The old style of outlining your lips with a darker shade of lip colour and then filling up the indies of the kip with a lighter shade makes it look extremely funny. Apply the same colour throughout, just in case you want a slight volume, contour them using gradients of the same shade.

Don’t wear too glossy shades

With several matte and cream-based lipsticks now ruling the cosmetic market, super glossy lip colours are a complete no no. Too glossy lips take away all the attention from your entire face to your lips, in a bad way and the worst part being the gloss wears out in a while leaving a greasy residue.

Lining your eyes with kohl making it look really nice and attractive should be paired with a nude shade of lipstick, rather than a bright one. Similarly, a brighter shade of lip colour will only look good with nude eye-makeup. Do not try to overdo the lips, as they need to compliment your entire look and they are the ones that strike a balance between the various colours on your face.


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