Punam Chadha Joseph launches her first ever book of Poems: The Soulful Seeker

Punam Chadha-Joseph

NEW DELHI (TIP): Debut author Punam Chadha-Joseph launched her maiden book of poems titled ‘The Soulful Seeker’ published by Om Books International. The book was unveiled in the presence of celebrated personalities from various walks of life- Anil Kapoor, Kabir Bedi, Sabbas Joseph and among others.

Adding soul to the launch event, beautifully orchestrated acts and recitals by renowned personalities and friends of the author, Anil Kapoor, Kabir Bedi, Yuri Suri, Maya Sami, Vivienne Pocha accompanied by the brilliant pianist composer Merlyn D’Souza brought alive the experience that Punam Chadha-Joseph’s soulful book of poems has to offer.

Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor recited the excerpts of ‘Ageing’ from the book, showing us a side we don’t often get a glimpse of among the glamour and glitz he embodies. Commenting on her book, Author Punam Chadha Joseph said, “I always had a flair for writing, especially poems, but I just needed time to pen down my thoughts based on all that life has to offer. My book of poems is inspired by real life experiences, so every person will surely relate to it as it holds up a mirror to everyday life and human emotions. I hope my poems strike a personal chord with everyone who reads it.”

Lending her own personal touch, Punam has incorporated many of her sketches in The Soulful Seeker, including the very striking visual on the cover. And the graphic sketches that set the mood for each section of poems, titles of which are: Soul & Self, Love & Longing, Family & Friends, Fears & Frustrations, Happiness & Hope, Despondency & Despair, Ache & Acceptance, Questions & Queries, Benevolence & Belief, Dreams & Desires and Frivolous & Fun.

About The BOOK: The Soulful SeekerPicture1
Price- Rs. 295, Pages- 252, Published by Om Books International

The Soulful Seeker is a collection of the author’s thoughts, emotions and feelings written over a period of time and written to appeal to readers across the globe.

While some poems are light and joyful, others are more intense and soul-searching. Like a true artist, Punam has dived into her personal experiences and boldly shared and exposed her internal conflicts and angst. Throughout the book there is a very positive message of acceptance and a constant yearning and desire to achieve dreams. Every reader will undoubtedly identify and connect with the author.

Punam Chadha-Joseph

About the Author: Punam Chadha-Joseph
After completing her Bachelor’s in Economics (Honours) from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Punam Chadha-Joseph joined the prestigious Oberoi School of Hotel Management in Delhi to do her post-graduation. This was followed by a 5-year stint in Food and Beverage and Sales and Marketing at the Hotel Oberoi Towers in Mumbai.

Her journey then took her to the world of Advertising in Account Management, where she spent several years with top agencies like Lintas and Mudra, spearheading campaigns for many prestigious brands.

In the course of her work-life, she met her husband Sabbas Joseph, the Founder-Director of Wizcraft, India’s pioneer Event Management agency. She is the mother of a 21-year-old son Rohan, and a 17-year-old daughter Rhea, both of whom are currently pursuing their academic careers.

Punam is a lover of the arts and has also tried her hand at a successful business of artifacts, called ‘Artifactors’. Her other passions include reading, writing poetry, travelling, hand-crafting Jewelry and sewing.

While her travels have taken her too, many different and exotic parts of the world, she continues to live and enjoy her life in Mumbai. Her poems however reflect thoughts and emotions that are universal in nature and can appeal to readers across the globe. Soon planning to come to USA for Press Conferences.

‘The Soulful Seeker’ is her first book of poems, and she is ready with another one, especially written for children, based on appreciating and saving the environment. Sketching being a new hobby, she has incorporated many of her sketches in The Soulful Seeker, including the very striking visual on the cover.


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