The Khaas of Aam Aadmi Party

The author believes the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party will change the rules of political game in the country.

Politics has never been as tangy in India as it is now. With so much masaala and flavorful ingredients the broth of politics is indeed boiling over. The coming general elections will certainly be watched with great interest and its results promise to be delightfully different too in many ways.

With the entry of the freshly formed Aam Aadmi Party , its success in the capital and its spreading wings over the country – politicians and political parties are now taking a harder, closer look into the newly laid down, unspoken norms of governance. The anticorruption agenda which the AAP swears by is the new mantra for sweeping politics clean of it.

My recent meeting with social activist Ms. Medha Patkar and other Aam Aadmi Party Leaders in Mumbai led me to believe that indeed there was a churning up of sorts amongst the people there. In Maharashtra the AAP has received a boost in the State with the support of Medha Patkar. Her Narmada Bachao Andolan, Ghar banao- Ghar bachao movement, and taking up cudgels against Lavasa and the sugar lobby endeared her to the tribal communities, slum dwellers and the workers of sugar mills all of which can take the AAP into the rural and urban parts of Maharashtra.

Local leaders Mayank Gandhi and Anjali Damania welcomed her support and announced that the two movements together could bring about a refreshing change in Maharashtra. Sitting in the AAP Party office at Chakala I was witness to this new spring and ray of political light. The Maharashtra AAP leader Mayank Gandhi comes across as sincere, honest and dedicated. He has contributed actively in formulating many useful laws like Right to Information for Maharashtra, law relating to transfer of Government employees, etc. and has contributed a lot in strengthening the movement in Maharashtra.

I watched his alacrity of action trait as he heard the local Hawkers. Union leaders and their woes with interest and immediately shot off a letter to the local authorities requesting its implementation and rectification. Taking my questions in between meeting people he said, “.People of this country are fed up of corruption and criminalization in politics. The Aam Aadmi Party is offering an alternate government with transparency, accountability and integrity.

Anjali Damania popularly known as Anjali tai adds. “It’s a huge challenge and we are all up for it.” The Party celebrated Shiv Jayanti on 19th Feb. in true Maharashtrian style at a local Park in Andheri and announced some prominent names as candidates to the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections from the State.

Among them is the soft spoken Meera Sanyal from South Mumbai a seat which is currently held by the young Congress leader Milind Murli Deora. The ruling Congress Party and other regional parties are taking this new entrant quite seriously. New strategies and tactics are being planned to outdo each other and endear themselves to the common man. In fact, some say this is a good thing to be happening. The Chief Minister has become more pro-active and his stance and stand on many things stagnating till now has been activated.


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