Ganesha points out that be it a safe deposit vault or a human being there is a master key to open it. What is the master key which will open the personality of Narendra Modi? I am now 83. For the first time I am revealing the inner workings of the horoscope.

Narendra was born on September 17, 1950. Therefore, the degree of his Sun is 23 degrees,Western Astrology. This is fine tuning. The 23rd degree of Narendra shows “An animal trainer. Harnessing energies”. In other words he is born to crack the whip in the circus of politics. You can say in modern terms it is in his genes. I do not judge people. That’s not my job.

My job is to find out what makes them tick and report it to the best of my ability. In other words, if Narendra whom I have met twice, can control politicians and organize successfully he will be a winner.Whether he will be the Prime Minister or not is a different issue.We all have warts and defects. I neither excuse nor accuse.My final comment is he is a good politician. By palmistry it is the absence of lines on his palm which makes Narendra unique.

He has a strong mount of Jupiter. In the dice test, my secret research, tried out before on Morarji Desai and Vajpayee, Narendra threw the dice number 3 and 5. 3 means luck. 5 means intelligence. Therefore by this method Narendra = luck + intelligence. For the first time I am revealing how I actually predict. I am after all only mortal and I have enjoyed my innings thoroughly.

I specialize in laughing at myself ! By the tarot card the number 17 is named “L’ETOILE”. A lady is pouring a pitcher of water. Above her are the stars. It shows nourishment. This also applies to Narendra. Therefore the basic quest of Narendra is to tame the politicians, organize efficiently and also nourish the poor and the weak. It is quite a poser. To me that is his real challenge. May Ganesha bless him. According to me and I may be wrong, the number 17 of the tarot card has a connection with our Aquarian Age. That’s a very big deal.


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