Wacky ways to use petroleum jelly

Get that old jar of petroleum jelly out of your medicine cabinet and put it to some good use. This age-old potion has been used for various things including an intense moisturizer and an instant cure for chapped lips. Here’re a few more ways to make use of this translucent jelly we all grew up using…

AS A POLISH FOR YOUR LEATHER GOODS Want your leather shoes and bags to look all-new again? Try rubbing a little bit of petroleum jelly all over them to give them a glossy look and a glowing finish. It also protects them from drying up or getting wet in the rain.

AS A BUFFER BETWEEN YOUR LIPS AND TEETH BEFORE YOU WEAR LIPSTICK Ladies, do you often get lipstick on your teeth while you’re trying to get most of it on your lips? Then, this hack is for you. Smear a little jelly on your teeth before you put the lipstick on. This will not only keep your teeth from getting coloured, but also ensure they look bright and shiny.

AS A GREASE FOR RUSTED DOOR HINGES We’re often troubled by rusted door hinges that make noise or bicycle chains that need constant oiling. Fret no more.Lubricate these metal belongings with petroleum jelly to ward off the noise.

TO MAKE YOUR PERFUME LAST LONGER Worried that the perfume that is supposed to last for 24 hours does not actually stay on even for a few hours? Worry no more. Rub a little petroleum jelly on your pulse points before you spray your perfume on. The perfume binds to it and the fragrance doesn’t wane away easily.


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