HICKSVILLE, NY (TIP): IVSTV owner and community activist Mr. Ajay Batra lost his young son, Arvin Batra who met with a fatal car accident Saturday, December 24 morning, in Hicksville, Long Island.

Arvin Batra, well known for his accomplishments in Bollywood Dances, TV Shows and Cultural Programs was a rising star of the Indian American community.

According to available information, Arvin Batra was travelling with a friend Hamza Rizvi at the time of accident. Originally, there were three travelers. But the third one was dropped at his place just about five minutes before the accident took the life of both Hamza and Arvin. Hamza was driving the car at the time of the accident.

It has been reported that the car the deceased were traveling in skidded, probably because of a slippery road and hit against a tree. The car went up in flames. A lady reportedly saw the two young men trying to smash the window glass and struggling to come out. But the glass did not appear to break. And the doors may have been locked.

The crew of the first Fire Engine which arrived were not able to rescue the young men because by the time they were on the job, the car engine exploded. All that remained was the charred car body and within, the burnt bodies of the unfortunate young men.
Both the Batra and the Rizvi family are in a state of shock. They are only waiting now for the dead bodies to arrive home after being released by the hospital and police.

The death of the two young men has sent shock waves in the South Asian community in Long Island.

A large number of Indian American community members visited Mr. Ajay Batra‘s home in Hicksville to condole the death of the promising young man. Many from the Indian American community as also a large number from Pakistani community visited Mr. Rizvi to share the family’s grief over the tragic and untimely death of Hamza.

The funeral is expected to take place either on Monday or Tuesday.

The address for Mr. Ajay Batra is 9 Arpad Street, Hicksville, NY and for Mr. Rizvi, it is 13 Cambridge Ave. Bethpage, NY.