Osteoporosis is a disease wherein the bones become very weak and fragile. People with osteoporosis have an increased risk for fractured bones,even from minor falls or accidents.

It is always considered that elderly women are prone to osteoporosis, but this is not true. Damage to the bone starts at an early age. In order to maintain strong and healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis, you need to take certain precautions from an early age. Today, Dr. Kamna Desai gives us some tips. Follow these 15 tips to improve your bone status and avert osteoporosis…

Milk and milk products
Include a healthy proportion of low fat milk and milk products (cheese, yogurt, paneer, skimmed milk powder) in your
meals. The calcium and proteins in the milk makes the bones strong and healthy.

Having a fistful of nuts daily provides one’s body with the required minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese and
phosphorus. Almonds and Pistachios in particular are good sources of calcium.

Include brocolli, chinese cabbage,cauliflower, beetroot and okra in your daily diet to strengthen your bones.

Ragi has around 330 mg to 350 mg of calcium per 100gms of dry weight which makes it one of the most sought after cereal for improving the bone status.

Dates are particularly good sources of calcium with manganese. Copper and magnesium helps in improving the bone
mineral density.

Some amount of sun exposure is required to produce vitamin D beneath our skin. Vitamin D along with calcium helps in strengthening the bone health of individuals

Include fruits like like oranges, guava, strawberries, and pineapples etc, these fruits will provide vitamin C to the body which in turn will strengthen our bones. Also include banana and apple.

Dark green leafy vegetables
Though dark green leafy vegetables are touted as one of the major means for improving one’s calcium status.

This one could be tricky because spinach has good amount of calcium but the presence of oxalate prevents the absorption of calcium. Instead opt for collard greens, mustard greens, methi, amaranth, mustard green and turnip greens for getting enough calcium in the diet.