The Indian Panorama received during the last couple of weeks, two letters in mail from “concerned shareholders of Indus American Bank”. 

The letters carry no name, no address, no contact information, making it impossible to verify their accusations and claims against Indus American Bank.

We can understand the frustration of those who perceive themselves as “cheated” not gaining the support of the potent voice of media. They may harbor the view, and rightly so, that “the community has the right to know both good and bad news”. However, they need understand that when it comes to the reputation of an individual or an institution, a newspaper cannot afford to be a telltale. It is necessary for the newspaper to ascertain facts. When the complainants want to remain incognito, it becomes difficult for a publication to get at the bottom of the truth.

We will, therefore, suggest to the aggrieved shareholders of Indus American Bank to come forward to tell their story and we assure them that their identities will not be disclosed. But let them establish their credentials first before The Indian Panorama can take up their cause.

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