NEW YORK (TIP): Consul General of India, Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay met with leaders of Indian American community of Long Island on March 19 and held discussion on a variety of issues of their interest and concern.

Mulay emphasized the importance of trying to know the issues that might be troubling the community. He was candid in admitting that the present service provider was not able to deliver. “The community has had difficult time vis-a-vis our service provider. I have openly apologized for inefficient, substandard, non-transparent services provided” said the Consul General.

He said steps have been taken to remedy the situation and the situation would improve in about a month. He appealed to the community to have patience and a spirit of cooperation . “You have problems. We may have constraints. But we have to work together”, he said. The Consul General spoke at length about his efforts in the last 10 months that he has been here, to create closer relationship with the community.

He said, “I have tried to get the community in the Consulate”. He said his vision is to see the Consulate as for the community, of the community and by the community. Ambassador Mulay shared with the gathering what all he wished to do in the coming months. He said he was keen to build an image of India in the eyes of the mainstream Americans. To achieve that end, it was necessary to have Americans come to witness our heritage and culture.

He called upon those gathered to ensure they bring along at least one American to the events in the Consulate. He also spoke of various programs he had envisaged to achieve the goal. He said a lecture series is planned over the next 12 months. The Media lecture series as it is called, will have one distinguished person talk about some aspect of India.

The first lecture of its kind is scheduled for March 2. Such lectures will prove educative for the Indian American community and particularly, their American guests. Similarly, India’s states will be showcased in a phased manner. The proposal is to showcase each month one state. The culture , the life style and the cuisine of the state will then be better understood, particularly by the American friends. Finally, he said there was need to have think tanks.

He said these think tanks can analyze and suggest ways and means to take India and Indians on a fast track in every sphere. The gathering appreciated greatly the eloquence of Ambassador Mulay who invited and answered questions. Some friends made some observations on a variety of issues which included better services by the Consulate and how the community can get involved in creating a better image of India.

The interactive meeting attended by around 35 community leaders was organized by Prof. Indrajit S Saluja, Editor of The Indian Panorama. Kirti Bhatia, a local entrepreneur hosted the lunch, in celebration of Holi with the Consul General. Also present were Consul (Political) Mr. Raja Ram and Consul (Visa & Passport) Mr. Ajay Puruswani.