Get Out and Vote for Hillary Clinton: Bipin Sangankar

Election propaganda of 2016 Presidential race is being closed and October surprise has almost disappeared. Flawless presidential candidate is myth. So, we have to make choice from the given stock. I urge that this November 8, Americans and Asian – Americans get out and vote for Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Poll predictions might show her as the winner but we must remember that every vote matters. I request everyone to vote for Democratic candidate Mrs. Clinton. By becoming first women President of USA she will not only make history but will also continue Obama Government ‘s good policies so that road to peace and prosperity will not be narrowed. To my part I have been active supporter of Mrs. Clinton since 2000 when the retiring NY senator Moynihan endorsed herto replace him. We, a group of active Indo-Americans in NY/NJ, formed a political action committee and raised funds for her and Al Gore. I was then secretary to Indo-American Democratic Committee affiliated to NY democratic party organization under Judith Hope’ watch. Mayor Bill de Blasio was Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manger and I worked with him as well. I have been very active in her campaign this time too in a unique way. I have approached allmy past students of NYU, Fordham and Jon Jay College in NYC and William Paterson and Kean Universities in NJ to vote for her. This is my last public appeal to vote for Mrs. Clinton. Thank you.