Hillary to announce 2016 run for president

WASHINGTON (TIP): The answer to the ”Run, Hillary, Run” exhortation from the Clintonistas will be available this weekend. To no one’s great surprise, Hillary Clinton is expected to formally announce that she will run for President in 2016, aiming to return to the White House where she was the First Lady 24 years ago.

The announcement is expected to come in the form of a video message that will be posted Sunday on social media, bypassing the traditional legacy media, according to Clinton supporters. She will then head out to the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire to make her case to voters who rejected her bid for the Democratic nomination eight years ago when they chose a young, little-known first-term senator named Barack Obama.

Among the several challenges Hillary Clinton will face, aside from her age (69) in what will be a grueling 18 months of campaigning before election day in November 2016, is a complex dynamic with the electorate, including with the Democratic party base. She is at once America’s best known and least known politicians, her aides are saying (”most unknown famous person in the world” in their terminology) as they seek to re-introduce her to US voters. They want to go beyond her record as First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State to portray her a woman of substance and an effective Presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton has hired key staff in recent days for her campaign, and is also said to have finalized space for campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, said in a recent interview that his role ”should primarily be as a backstage adviser to her until we get much, much closer to the election” – in other words, he will take a backseat for now till she really needs him later.