HICKSVILLE, NY (TIP): On Saturday the 12th of December 2015, the Hyderabadi Cultural Association of Greater New York (HCA) held its Fourth Annual Gala in New York City. The keynote address was delivered by Mr. M. A. Faiz Khan, a scion of the Paigah royalty of Hyderabad.

Mr. Quddus Mohammed, the Chairman of the HCA, welcomed the over 250 attendees, and Mr. Hussain Baqueri, the President delivered the state of the organization and stressed the role of HCA as a secular cultural organization that not only sought to promote Hyderabadi culture among the diaspora, but also participated in charitable initiatives helping the underprivileged get educational access. The President also presented a donation check to two organizations: Equally Able and Indo-American Hospital in Hyderabad. The organization also felicitated a variety of diasporic Hyderabadis including Dr. Hussain Ali Mir, Professor, writer and lyricist, Ms. Dilshad Ali, an Autism Advocate, Mr. Rajender Dichapally, a former Youth President of Telugu Association, Mr. Iftekhar Shareef, an outstanding Entrepreneur, and Ms. Zaynah Abid, a medical student for youth leadership.

The gala also featured a standup performance by New York comedian Mr. Aman Ali, a musical program featuring the famous singer Darshana Menon and a sumptuous authentic Hyderabadi-style dinner. The attendees lightedthe night in their traditional Hyderabadi attire as a team of panelist recognized the person wearing the best Sherwani.

Photos/ Mohammed Jaffer-SnapsIndia