The organizers and the honorees of India Association of long Island - IALI
The organizers and the honorees

MELVILLE, NY (TIP): India Association of long Island (IALI) honored a couple of achievers at the 37th annual gala dinner on Saturday, June 18th. Those who were honored included Dr. Vaijnath Chakote, Dr. Abhay Malhotra, Dr. Dev Ratnam, Dr. Gaddam D. Reddy, Mrs. Usha and Dr. Parveen Chopra, Dr. Avtar Josen, Padma Shri Pandita Tripti Mukherjee, Mrs. Malati and Harshad K. Shah, Mr. Peter Bheddah, Ritwik Rudra and Akash Wasil.

It was a pleasurable evening at #Hilton #Huntington with a lot of entertainment for the guests who numbered around 400. A number of captivating dance performances made the long hours enjoyable.

In her address, President of #IALI, Mrs. Beena Kothari spoke of the long strides the association had taken as a community organization. She spoke about the various activities of the association and identified members who contributed to a string of successes. She took the opportunity to congratulate and thank honorees, the media and her team.