NEW YORK (TIP): Just one day after Donald Trump’s stunning win, which is ‘shocking’ to thousands including Indians, the Indian community in America took it to social media to express their anxiety over the New America as news of barefaced racism from around The US has started to emerge.

Manik Rathee, an Indian origin Google employee based in Silicon Valley tweeted his experience at a gas station.”As I’m stopped at a gas station this morning, a group of guys yell over: “Time to get out of this country, Apu!” tweeted Manik.

“Man, I’m a light-skinned Indian guy. I’m not a small dude. I dress in professional work attire. I speak English. This is our America now”, he further tweeted.

Another worrying case of racism was reported as a reply to Manik’s tweet by Dustin that says,”A student of mine reported that her Muslim neighbors woke up to a sign that said “You can leave now.” Also in the Bay Area.”

Saira Khan shared another shocking incident that happened in New York. “One of my mom’s Muslim female students came in crying because someone grabbed her and told her now she has to leave the country.” She got this message from her close friend. “Donald Trump’s America”, tweeted Saira.

Many Indians expressed their worries on FaceBook also.

Sowmya Ramanan, an IT professional who leaves in Kansas wrote “While many Republican policies are probably good, especially those related to immigration, for high skilled immigrants like me and million others, I just can’t digest that He is the face of that party and this country. That thought is still sinking in. Right now, I still feel sick in the stomach and feel terrible. ‘Orange’ is the new color on this block now!!! America, I hope you know what you have done and are ready to face it! It is not the Republican party that worries me….it is HIM.”

Alaudin Ullah – a Bangladeshi American actor and playwright from New York wrote, “I have a Muslim name. I’m brown. I can’t change my name and don’t want to bleach my skin. I’m now prey to racist predators given free reign to annihilate me and my people. Welcome to the new America where racists run the asylum.”

Another New Yorker Nila Bhowmick said it is the saddest day of her life. “Today is the saddest day for me as a woman, a mother, a person of color, an American citizen and above all a human being. By making Donald Trump our next President, we have said YES to RACISM, YES to BIGOTRY, YES to SEXISM and above all YES to a DIVIDED country! I recall the pride and jubilation I felt the first time I voted as a citizen in 2008 and voted for our FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA! I was looking forward for my daughter to cast the vote in her first election since she turned 18 and VOTE FOR OUR FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT. Sadly, America is not ready to make history again and we are not STRONGER TOGETHER this morning”, Nila wrote on her FB post.

Hindustan Times editor-in-chief Bobby Ghosh, former International Editor of The Time had a strong point that he explained in his column in HT “Trump is bad for India because he is bad for his own country, and the wellbeing of the US is now closely connected to our own. There is every indication that his leadership will harm American interests, at home and abroad. Even the attempt to keep some his more outlandish promises – to build a wall along the border with Mexico; to tear up defense treaties with NATO, Japan and Korea; to reverse policies designed to forestall climate change – will weaken the US, just when India’s ties to it are at their strongest.”