Indian Jewish American Kesha Ram Falls Short in Vermont Lt. Gov. Primary Election

NEW YORK(TIP): Kesha Ram, D-Vt., the great great granddaughter of  Ganga Ram, an Indian civil engineer known for building a network of health infrastructures in both India and Pakistan before partition, lost the race for the elected position of Lt Governor of Vermont.

At just 30, Ram had served four two-year terms as a state representative before deciding to make the shift to run for lieutenant governor as the first woman of color to run for State-wide office in Vermont.

But, following the Aug. 9 primary election, Kesha lost the three-way Democratic primary race which was won by David Zuckerman, who nabbed 29,957 votes, or 44.53 percent, according to the Vermont Secretary of State. Shap Smith, who with 25,594 or 38.05 percent, came second.

Ram finished third in the election with 11,720 supporters and 17.42 percent of the vote.

Randy Brock, on the Republican side of the primary, and Boots Wardinski, of the Progressive party, both advanced as they were unopposed.

About Kesha Ram: Her father was born in Lahore but after partition the family moved to India and grew in Punjab. He came to Los Angeles for studies as a student where he met her mother, a Jewish American.

For her studies, Ms Kesha Ram moved to the University of Vermont.

She was elected to the state House of Representatives at age 22 to represent the University District and Hill Section of Burlington.