NEW YORK CITY (TIP): Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Public Design Commission President Signe Nielsen and Executive Director of the Commission Justin Moore announced, November 16 the winners of the Annual Awards for Excellence in Design. Every year, the City’s Design Commission selects and honors public projects across the five boroughs that exemplify how innovative and thoughtful design can provide New Yorkers with the best possible public spaces and services and engender a sense of civic pride.

This year’s honorees span diverse fields and range from small-scale to large, including the opening of Dock 72 in Brooklyn to the citywide, technological milestone LinkNYC. Additionally, projects such as the Snug Harbor Cultural Center Music Hall Addition and The High Line Park Passage and Spur will allow for more cultural exchange and recreational opportunities for residents. This year’s honorees help prepare New York City to thrive in the 21st century, from technological connectivity to business development to expanded areas for exercise and improved health.

“The winners of this year’s Excellence in Design Awards highlight NYC’s dedication to providing a wide range of design and public spaces that speak to the modern day New Yorker and meet the needs of a large, active and diverse city,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Today, we are here to honor and to celebrate the work of these innovators, who have invested in creating inclusive public projects across the five boroughs.”

“These thoughtful and innovative designs support the de Blasio Administration’s commitment to providing quality, equitable, and resilient public spaces to all New Yorkers. By utilizing good design principles, these projects will provide the public with increased access to the waterfront, open spaces and parks; improved places for play and community gatherings; and inspiring artworks,” said Public Design Commission President Signe Nielsen.

“Part of what makes our city great is the quality of our public realm and the creativity and ingenuity found in our design community and city agencies. These award-winning projects range from new technologies to improved neighborhood parks and public artwork. They show that design excellence is an important part of New York’s leadership in promoting innovation, sustainability, and equity in cities,” said Public Design Commission Executive Director Justin Moore.

The Public Design Commission: The Public Design Commission reviews permanent works of architecture, landscape architecture, and art proposed on or over City-owned property. The Commission comprises 11 members, including an architect, landscape architect, painter, sculptor, and three lay members, as well as representatives of the Brooklyn Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Public Library, and the Mayor.

Members of the Commission serve pro bono and meet once per month. Projects are submitted by City agencies and include the construction, renovation, or restoration of buildings and other structures; the creation or rehabilitation of parks, playgrounds, and plazas; installation of lighting and other streetscape elements; signage; and the installation and conservation of artwork and memorials. The Commission has been honoring these projects annually since 1983.