BETHLEHEM, PA (TIP): Pennsylvania State police have charged an Indian American man from New York with trying to cheat a Pennsylvania casino out of more than $2,000 while playing roulette.

Lalit Kumar Taneja, 40,¬†of New Hyde Park, N.Y. had placed the chips on the “third dozen,” numbers 25 through 36, at 2:03 a.m. when the ball landed on the number 00, police said.

Troopers say Taneja hid a $2,010 bet with one hand while he placed other bets on the roulette table at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem. When his large wager turned out not to be a winner, police say he picked it up off the table.

Taneja apparently hoped no one would notice his one bet because he placed several other bets with his right hand while he covered the $2,010 wager with his left hand, police said.

Police say a table games supervisor saw the incident, which was confirmed by surveillance video. Police say the New Hyde Park man reimbursed the casino, but he’s still being charged. The incident happened about 2