Society of Indo American Engineers and Architects (SIAEA), the representative body of engineers and architects of Indian origin, will celebrate its accomplishments once again at the forthcoming Annual Gala Dinner at Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City on Saturday, September 29th.

SIAEA has lived up to the goal it has set itself which reads: “The goal of SIAEA shall be to organize and unite in fellowship the engineering and architectural professionals of Indian origin; to assimilate the arts and sciences of Indian Heritage in to the American society; to enhance the image and high visibility of Indian professionals; and to stand tall within American mainstream”.

Indian American engineers, architects, and contractors have greatly contributed to the development of New York City. SIAEA represents the very best of the construction industry in the Metro area and is committed to creating structures to make New Yorkers proud of.

The President of SIAEA, Mr. Nayan Parikh told The Indian Panorama that SIAEA which had a humble beginning more than thirty years ago, in 1981, to be exact, has a membership of around 1500 and growing. Many of them are business owners, managers and executives in the construction industry in the Tri-State area.

SIAEA has created an important place in the construction industry of Tri-state area. Its members have been recognized for their unique contributions to the development of our communities. The Society offers scholarship to meritorious students who decided to pursue engineering as their chosen career. Every year the organization provides financial incentive to each selected student to the tune of $2000 per student.

As a body of professionals belonging to Indian American community, SIAEA (Society of Indo American Engineers and Architects) has been serving our communities for almost three decades. It truly represents the enterprising spirit of its members and the community. SIAEA in partnership with the State Societies, is the organization of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs), Architects and Engineer Interns (EIs). Through education, licensure advocacy, leadership training, multi-disciplinary networking, and outreach, SIAEA enhances the image of its members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering providing credits by AIA.

SIAEA organizes and unites in fellowship the engineering and architectural professionals of Indian origin. It assimilates the arts and sciences of Indian Heritage into the American society to enhance the image and high visibility of Indian professionals stand tall within American mainstream.

According to Nayan Parikh, president of SIAEA, the organization is committed to generate employment opportunities through networking for our fellow professionals. He said that his organization has embarked upon a program to reach out to younger generation of architects and engineers of Indian origin and enlist them as members in order to help them avail the resources for professional development.

Nayan Parikh said that the Society truly represents the enterprising spirit of our members and our community. SIAEA has been helping its members in professional development since its inception in 1981. “We have developed an excellent rapport with various government agencies and private sector firms that employ many of our members.” Parikh is very keen to connect with the younger generation of engineers and architects through seminars and social networking events, such as, the outreach programs that provide great learning opportunities for fellow professionals. He also wants the Indian American community to get involved in the activities of the Society.

A number of officials including Ambassador Prabhu Dayal will attend this year’s gala event. It is going to be a grand occasion to showcase society’s strength and its close relationship with the mainstream engineers and professionals. The officials have recognized the professionalism of engineers and architects of Indian origin who have greatly contributed to improve the financial health of New York State.

Parikh pointed out that SIAEA was progressing at a fast pace whose members demonstrated high caliber in executing challenging projects and earned good reputation. “The success of SIAEA is due to the enterprising spirit of our members and our community.” He said that the Society was geared to expand its activities throughout the United States. “Very soon we will be launching SIAEA’s new chapters in Philadelphia, Washington DC and Boston. More exciting happenings await us in the year 2013”, he added.

Parikh said that the members ensured that the Society represented the success and accomplishments of its members for which they were honored every year. “Every year we reach out to institutions where the next generation of engineers and architects were being trained. We continue to recognizing their talents by offering scholarships to ten meritorious engineering and architect students”, he said.

Talking about the gala on September 29th, Mr. Parikh gave out the list of guests, awardees and honorees attending the event.

Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, Consul General of India in New York will address the gathering. William C. Thompson Jr. former NYC Comptroller is the keynote speaker. The Chief Guest at the event is Scott Stringer, President of Manhattan Borough. Luis M. Tormenta P.E. CEO, the URO Group, is the Guest of Honor. Special guests include Robert J. Duffy, Lt. Governor of New York State and Gregorio Mayers, Spl. Policy Advisor, Office of the Mayor, NY.
Special Award -Government Agency of the Year 2012 goes to MTA which will be received by Michael Garner, Chief Diversity Officer.

The honored guests include David J. Burney, FAIA, Commissioner, Department of Design & Construction; Carter H. Strickland Jr. Commissioner, DEP, NYC; Eric Macfarlane, P.E. Deputy Commissioner, Department of Design & Construction; Kathryn Garcia, Deputy Commissioner, DEP, NYC; James Roberts, Deputy Commissioner, DEP, NYC; D. Clark Pile, P.E. Senior VP and NY Regional Manager, Hill Int’l; and Denise Pease, Regional Administrator, US General Services Admn.

The story will remain incomplete without a note on the man who commands a team of dedicated colleagues who have the responsibility to make the event a great success and a memorable one.
Mr. Nayan Parikh has had a long association with SIAEA. He has been very active in Society’s programs and has been instrumental in organizing many successful events. A man with a vision and the will to succeed, he has taken the SIAEA under his presidency to new heights and set higher bars for his successors.

Mr. Parikh who was appointed a Commissioner of Housing in Woodbridge Housing Authority in 2009 is now Vice Chairman . Mayor Bloomberg appointed him a Member of the Advisory Board, New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), a key department of New York City to supervise contractors issues, including the issues concerning minority and women contractors. He is a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s Advisory Panel on Construction and Development of New York City.

Mr. Parikh is adding another feather in his cap. He has been nominated for Contractor of the Year Award by Regional Alliance for Small Contractors. The award will be presented to him on September 28th by Mayor Bloomberg at a glittering function at the Light House in New York City.

Mr. Parikh who lives in Woodbridge, NJ with his lovely wife, Asha, has two wonderful daughters -Anushi and Revetee.