NEW YORK (TIP): Mohammed Jaffer, The Indian Panorama Photojournalist and Photo Editor of SnapsIndia  will travel  as a member of the White House Press Corps on the President’s trip to India, Jan24-28th 2015


Jaffer is the only Indian American photojournalist who has traveled with President Bill Clinton to South Asia, including India and Pakistan  in 2000. He also traveled with  President Obama in November, 2010 to India. He has also covered many visits of secretary of State, Hillary


Clinton to India. He also covered Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s State visit and , earlier, Prime Minister Vajapyee ‘s visit to the White house.


Jaffer  hails from Hyderabad, Telangana in India. His father late  M.A.Rahim was  the founder of SnapsIndia News photo Service established  58 years ago. The news photo service has offices in Dubai, Toronto and New York.


Former President Bill Clinton had  inaugurated Jaffer’s photo exhibition at  Regent Wall Street hotel, in New York, on June 12, 2001. That same year, Jaffer covered the inauguration and oath ceremony of President George W. Bush in Washington  DC.


Jaffer’s photo of Clinton sitting cross legged  under a tree in Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram  adorns  the Presidential Library.


Mohammed Jaffer was honored by the New York City Council with the ‘Outstanding Citizen’ award in August, 2007 for his ‘exemplary services’ to media in the US and India.