Punjab Bhawan opens in Canada

Photo Caption: The personalities whose portraits have been put up include Bhai Santokh Singh, Bhai Vir Singh, Prof Puran Singh, Prof Mohan Singh, Amrita Pritam, Balwant Gargi, Balraj Sahni, Karam Singh Historian, Sant Ram Udasi, Gursharan Singh Natakar, Kirpal Singh Chitarkar, Principal Jodh Singh, Sadhu Singh Hamdard, Dhani Ram Chatrik, Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Master Tara Singh, Prof Ravinder Ravi, Dr Parminder Singh, Dr Ganda Singh, Avtar Pash, Jaswant Singh Rahi and Prof Gurmukh Singh.

With the objective to promote Punjabi literature, culture and art in Canada, Punjab Bhawan was inaugurated at Surrey in Canada today. It has been set up on Fraser Highway. The space for setting up the Bhawan where portraits of eminent Punjabi writers and others have been put up has been provided by Sukhi Bath, an NRI settled in Canada.

Portraits of more eminent Punjabi writers, artists and others would be added to the photo gallery soon, said Prof Gurbhajan Gill, an eminent Punjabi writer.

Gill, who was the chief guest at the function, was member of the committee set up to suggest the names of Punjabis for the photo gallery. Gill said soon another building of the bhawan would be ready to expand the scope of the activities related to Punjab.

Bath said various Punjabi organisations such as Bhai Kanayia Sabha would hold their functions at Punjab Bhawan. The inauguration ceremony of the Bhawan was performed by two women Bibi Gian Kaur and Nimrata Bath. No politician from any stream was invited for the function. It was a gathering of writers, artists and social activists.