Twitter Blocks ‘HafizSaeedLive’ Account

Twitter on Thursday, July 14, has blocked the account of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief and 2008 Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Hafiz Saeed.

The micro-blogging site apparently on its own took the action against the JuD chief.

The Twitter handle ‘HafizSaeedLive’ had frequent updates from the JuD chief.

The Twitter account had Saeed’s picture and claims to be a philanthropic organization also tweeted in Hindi on the JNU backlash back in February.

However, there is another Twitter account @HSaeedOfficial which has a similar picture and claims to be the same organization.

The United Nations declared JuD a terrorist organization in December 2008 as also Saeed who was also individually designated by the United Nations under UNSCR 1267 in December 2008.

Pakistan has said that there is no case against Saeed and that he is free to move in the country as a Pakistani national.

India has repeatedly demanded Pakistan to hand over Saeed for questioning over his role in the 2008 Mumbai attacks that claimed 166 lives.

JuD was banned in 2002 by Pakistan but later a court lifted the ban due to lack of evidence on the group’s involvement in militancy.

The group is banned by the US, the EU, India and Russia as a terror organisation.

In June 2014, the US declared JuD a subsidiary of terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba.


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