Contemplate over degrading environment issues of Kashmir too: Pakistan thinktanks

ATTARI (TIP): While candidly admitting that the media was more or less towing the line of security establishments and their policies while reporting contentious issues of Kashmir, Pakistani thinktanks opined that there were more to reports beyond demographic and territorial issues especially those concerning with the fragile environment of valley that had always remained unnoticed but has now become a global issue. The views were expressed by a delegation of Pakistani political analysts and thinktanks who had arrived India via Attari land border on Wednesday to participate in an international seminar being held to mark the birth anniversary of noted Gandhian Didi Nirmla Deshpanday on October 17 at Patiala. During the seminar, the Pak thinktanks would also deliberate over the exit of Nato forces from Afghanistan and its impact on India-Pak relations. “I think, instead of towing the old notions of war wherein both nations stake claim on territories, the concentration should be more on Kashmir’s environmental degradation which has become an major issue for global community,” said senior advisor, policy advocacy and civil society interface Zulfiqar Halepto.


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