London mayor Sadiq Khan invites Donald Trump to visit UK

LONDON (TIP): London’s new mayor Sadiq Khan has invited US presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to visit the UK and meet his family in a bid to end their ongoing feud about his plan to ban all Muslims from America.

Khan said the presumptive Republican nominee should come to the UK to meet his wife Saadiya along with his daughters Anisah and Ammarah.

He told UK television channel ITV: “On your programme I invite Donald Trump to come to London. Meet my wife and my daughters. Meet my friends and my neighbours.”

“Meet Londoners who are British, they’re Londoners, they’re Muslim,” he said.

Khan’s comments are the latest in an ongoing feud with Trump.

On Monday Trump called Khan “very rude” in an interview and challenged him to an IQ test.

Khan said: “You know the great thing about London?Muslim, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, we don’t just tolerate each other, we respect, we celebrate, we embrace.”

“And my concern is this. Are you inadvertently making our countries less safe by giving the impression there is a clash of civilisations? Are you doing the job of Daesh (Islamic State) and the extremists for them by saying the West hates Islam? I am the West,” he said. (PTI)


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