President Putin’s Desire for Russian Greatness Needs Lincoln, Not Crimea

What’s wrong with Nato ships docked in New Russia’s Sevastopol port aka Ukraine? None. It means no nation has anything to worry, and the rule of law is operational and citizens can demand, and are getting, Lincoln’s government “of, by and for” the people. Russia’s greatness is not in “unmarked” boots on the ground and taking land by force and disturbing sovereignty.

Her greatness would be if her leaders created a nation that folks fought to migrate to for a better life – after all, that’s the litmus test. Without any apology, and despite our democratic (lower case) warts, America still has a long line of folks from all over the world seeking to migrate here and raise a family.

We have 11 million illegal aliens to prove it. President Putin’s desire for Russia to be great is a worthy goal, and which should win every human being’s heart – but to do it with force is a self-defeating enterprise when the digital world citizenry is as well informed as it is and driven to achieve the ceiling, not floor, of human rights for their children.

That is the true curse for modern day politicians still playing divide and rule – even Syria’s Assad’s successful unleashing of sectarian violence to thwart the Arab Spring has a limited shelf life – every parent wants their kid to have the American Dream. Russia needs to find a better and more permanent way to greatness – true greatness, and Abraham Lincoln’s recipe is the answer for all, for all time.


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