US rules out Malaysian plane landed at its Indian Ocean base

WASHINGTON: (TIP) The United States has ruled out the possibility of the missing Malaysian plane landing at its Indian Ocean base in Diego Garcia. “I’ll rule that one out,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters on Tuesday when asked about such news reports appearing mainly in the Chinese press.

Carney said the Malaysian government has the lead in this investigation and the US officials are in Kuala Lumpur working closely with the Malaysian government on the investigation. “This is a difficult and unusual situation, and we are working hard, in close collaboration with the Malaysian government and other partners, to investigate a number of possible scenarios for what happened to the flight. Our hearts of course go out to the families of the passengers.

They are in a truly agonizing situation,” he said. The United States remain fully committed to assisting the Malaysians and working with its international partners on this investigation, on this effort. “And we are providing assistance through the NTSB, through the FAA and through the FBI. We are in a close, collaborative relationship as regards this investigation,” he said in response to a question. Meanwhile, US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said the focus now was on new search areas announced by the Malaysian Prime Minister over the weekend, which are based on a detailed, highly technical and innovative analysis of the potential flight path.


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