Appellate Court Rules: Sonia Gandhi Not Liable for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots

Sonia Gandhi (left) is not liable for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the Appellate Court ruled. Attorney Ravi Batra (right) said,
Sonia Gandhi (left) is not liable for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the Appellate Court ruled. Attorney Ravi Batra (right) said, " I have the high honor in vindicating Sonia Gandhi's innocence, as well as upholding free India's sovereign right, as every nation must".

NEW YORK CITY (TIP): “Hon. Circuit Judges Jose A. Cabranes, Renna Raggi and Richard A. Wesley on August 25, 2015 issued an Order which: Upheld free India’s sovereignty, to manage her internal affairs without outside interference, and that the anti-Sikh riots do not “touch and concern” the United States; Sonia Gandhi is NOT liable for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots; SFJ abandoned the claim of “shielding, protecting and rewarding” against Sonia Gandhi; SFJ is out of business – as they represent no one, and hence they lack associational standing to sue; and the Court considered all of plaintiffs’ arguments and found them to be without merit’, stated attorney Ravi Batra.

In a statement sent to The Indian Panorama, attorney Ravi Batra said, “Today, Circuit Judges Cabranes, Raggi and Wesley have upheld a nation’s sovereignty and declared Sonia Gandhi free of any fault – despite SFJ’s reprehensible defamatory efforts. This Order is merely the latest example of why the world holds our impartial and independent American judiciary in the highest esteem. As a lawyer toiling in the vineyard of justice, the fruit of justice is always best grown by the collective wisdom of the bench. Judges Cabranes, Raggi and Wesley are Jewels in the Crown of Justice, and I hope every citizen of every sovereign nation appreciates the unshakable rights bestowed to each of them by today’s court order.

“Personally, I have the high honor in vindicating Sonia Gandhi’s innocence, as well as upholding free India’s sovereign right, as every nation must, to honestly confront its past wrongs and to sincerely comfort genuine victims with dignified relief. Sikhs are an integral part of India’s pride and history, given their selfless service and sacrifice in causing India to be free, keeping India free, and leading free India. That Hindu families for centuries had their first-born son made a Sikh speaks to the intimate collective honor shared by India’s harmonious multireligious citizenry – exemplified best by PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, an Indian Sikh, and the late great President Dr. Kalam, an Indian Muslim. India’s tryst with destiny is a love affair of individual liberty with responsibility, seeking to be always worthy of God’s grace.

“That some find joy in causing strife, is a human dynamic aimed not at enhancing the public good or public safety – as SFJ’s publicity-seeking litigation campaign has proven. All SFJ has achieved is hurting genuine victims of 1984 with false hope while delaying those who have the right and responsibility to take whatever graceful steps a sovereign India wishes to take to heal every single genuine victim of 1984. SFJ’s making false, reprehensible and defamatory allegations against India’s leaders is the wrong recipe, and as I have proven repeatedly, I will rebuff such misdeeds with compassionate defense of law and justice in court.

“I invite SFJ to publicly apologize to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and every leader it has sued without just cause or any legal right or standing to do so, and state that it will no longer hurt genuine victims of 1984 by selling false hope that only re-victimizes them. SFJ can rehabilitate itself by announcing that it will not seek to appeal this Order to the United States Supreme Court – and will instead work constructively and lawfully within each nation’s institutions to seek help, not hurt, victims while SFJ engorges itself with meaningless media ink inflaming religious intolerance for self-gain and useless celebrity. Sikhs are precious and honored in every society, and SFJ ought not undermine such public respect and honor with its publicity-seeking litigation.”


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