Congratulations to Shri Narendra Modi, the man of destiny, for his phenomenal victory

On behalf of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, I congratulate Shri Narendra Modi, the icon of resurgent India, for scoring a resounding victory against anti- Hindu Congress government and its diabolical cronies and perverse minions led by corrupt-to-the core Nehru Gandhi Dynasty. I also congratulate the conscientious, patriotic and smart Indian electorate, the descendants of great Rishis and Munis for giving Shri Narendra Modi the requisite number of seats to form a stable government. At the moment, Nraendra Modi is the only unifying force in India.

Narendra Modi is the leader India is waiting for a long time. He is the leader integrator. He is the only harbinger of hope for India. He is the panacea of most of the problems India is confronted with. In spite of the mean and mendacious media blitzkrieg launched against him by Congress Party in collusion with the deadly combination of fake-secularists, radical Islamists, jihadists, far left Communists, foreign-funded NGOs, paid media, Modi has not only stood strong, but also has made them eat the humble pie.

Modi is indeed a man of destiny endowed with positive nationalism and vision of cosmic dimension. Under the dynamic leadership of Shri Narendra Modi our Puniya Bhoomi Bharat will achieve its pristine glory. Shri Modi believes in the unification and consolidation of India. Under his visionary leadership, anti-national forces and terrorists will be wiped out and a united and resurgent India will rise to new heights. Modi is an embodiment of courage and valor. He is a powerful orator, a consummate communicator and a forthright thinker.

He is a fearless fighter, a legend who understands how to capture the collective imagination of the people he wants to lead. At the moment, Modi is the most popular and charismatic leader in India. 82% Hindus are the backbone of India. India is a secular nation because of Hindus. But for the last 10 years, one billion Hindus were unjustly denigrated, demonized and viciously ruled by minorities (Muslims and Christians).

There was a simmering displeasure against UPA-II government at the manner in which almost all the top most and sensitive positions including the posts of Chief of Intelligence Bureau, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister were given to them. Hindus used their discontent to vote against UPA-II. “Secularism” in India has become a euphemism for Hindu bashing. Here are a few examples: Bangladeshi Muslims are given voters cards but Hindu refugees from Pakistan are not allowed to stay in India. Under the garb of secularism, 15,000 Rohingya Muslim infiltrators were allowed by Government of India to settle on the banks of Yamuna River.

Imams of mosques are given monthly allowances but nothing to Hindu priests. No government aid to Hindu educational institutions. VIP treatment in jail to terrorist Abu Salim but torture to Sadhvi Pragya. Rs. 30,000 scholarship to Muslim girls but nothing to Hindu girls. Haj subsidy to Muslims but tax on Hindus for Amarnath yatra and so on. Modi transformed this discontent into votes.

Modi’s campaign slogans – “main desh nahin jhukne dunga … main desh nahin mitne dunga (I will not let the nation bow down/be rubbed out)” and “Nation First – India First” touched the deep nerve in Hindu psyche and played an important role in his victory. Now it is incumbent on every patriotic Indian to join hands with Shri Narendra Modi to help him restore India’s dignity in the comity of nations and put Bharat Mata on the pedestal of glory.


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